Top 10 Robotics Startups in India

Top 10 Robotics Startups in India

India is rapidly becoming a significant player in the global robotics industry, with a burgeoning ecosystem of startups leading innovative advancements. These companies are transforming various sectors including manufacturing, healthcare, agriculture, and logistics through cutting-edge robotic solutions. Here’s a detailed look at ten of the most promising robotics startups in India, highlighting their overview, innovations, and impacts.

1. GreyOrange

GreyOrange - Top 10 Robotics startups in India
GreyOrange – Top 10 Robotics startups in India (pic source –
Founder(s)Samay Kohli, Akash Gupta
LocationGurgaon, India
InnovationsAI-driven warehouse robotics, Butler and Sorter systems
GreyOrange – Top 10 Robotics startups in India

Overview: Founded in 2011 by Samay Kohli and Akash Gupta, GreyOrange is a leader in AI-driven warehouse robotics. The company is headquartered in Gurgaon, with a strong presence in the United States, Japan, and Germany. GreyOrange specializes in the design and manufacturing of advanced robotics systems that automate and optimize warehouse operations.

Innovations: GreyOrange’s flagship products include the Butler and Sorter systems. The Butler is an autonomous mobile robot that uses AI to navigate warehouse environments, transport inventory, and manage storage. The Sorter system uses robotics and AI to efficiently sort parcels and packages based on various parameters, significantly speeding up the sorting process.

Impact: GreyOrange’s solutions have revolutionized warehouse operations by enhancing efficiency, reducing operational costs, and minimizing human error. Their technology is deployed in warehouses worldwide, supporting major logistics companies and retailers in managing their supply chains more effectively.

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2. Addverb Technologies

Founder(s)Sangeet Kumar, Prateek Jain, Satish Shukla, Bir Singh
LocationNoida, India
InnovationsAGVs, robotic picking systems, warehouse automation
Addverb Technologies – Top 10 Robotics startups in India

Overview: Founded in 2016 by Sangeet Kumar, Prateek Jain, Satish Shukla, and Bir Singh, Addverb Technologies specializes in industrial automation and robotics. The company is based in Noida and aims to transform traditional warehouses into smart, highly efficient operations.

Innovations: Addverb’s product lineup includes automated guided vehicles (AGVs), robotic picking systems, and warehouse automation solutions. Their AGVs are capable of autonomously navigating warehouse floors to transport goods, while their robotic picking systems use AI to enhance the speed and accuracy of order fulfillment.

Impact: By implementing Addverb’s automation solutions, companies have experienced significant improvements in productivity and operational efficiency. Their technology reduces the need for manual labor, minimizes errors, and enables better inventory management, thus driving substantial cost savings.

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3. Systemantics

Founder(s)Jagannath Raju
LocationBangalore, India
InnovationsIndustrial robots, articulated robotic arms
ImpactMakes robotics accessible for Indian manufacturers
Systemantics – Top 10 Robotics startups in India

Overview: Founded by Jagannath Raju in 1995, Systemantics focuses on developing industrial robots tailored for manufacturing industries. The company is based in Bangalore and aims to make robotics accessible and cost-effective for Indian manufacturers.

Innovations: Systemantics produces a range of industrial robots, including articulated robotic arms and robotic manipulators. These robots are used for various applications such as welding, painting, material handling, and assembly. The company’s robots are designed to be versatile, reliable, and easy to integrate into existing production lines.

Impact: Systemantics’ robots have enabled manufacturers to automate repetitive and hazardous tasks, improving workplace safety and operational efficiency. Their solutions have helped companies enhance production quality, reduce downtime, and lower operational costs, making them a crucial player in the industrial robotics sector.

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4. Asimov Robotics

Founder(s)Jayakrishnan T
LocationKerala, India
InnovationsHumanoid robots for healthcare, education, retail
ImpactEnhances customer service, patient care, education
Asimov Robotics – Top 10 Robotics startups in India

Overview: Based in Kerala, Asimov Robotics was founded by Jayakrishnan T in 2012. The company specializes in creating humanoid robots and robotic solutions for healthcare, education, and retail sectors.

Innovations: Asimov Robotics develops humanoid robots designed to interact with humans and perform tasks such as customer service, patient care, and educational assistance. Their robots are equipped with advanced sensors and AI to understand and respond to human emotions and commands.

Impact: Asimov Robotics’ solutions are enhancing customer experiences in retail and improving patient care in healthcare settings. Their educational robots are also transforming the way students learn, making education more interactive and engaging. Additionally, their technology has potential applications in elderly care, providing companionship and assistance to senior citizens.

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5. CynLr (Cybernetics Laboratory)

Founder(s)Anil Kumar Reddy, Sreeram Venkiteswaran
LocationBangalore, India
InnovationsVisual object intelligence, robotic manipulation
ImpactImproves automation in manufacturing, logistics
CynLr (Cybernetics Laboratory) – Top 10 Robotics startups in India

Overview: Founded in 2015 by Anil Kumar Reddy and Sreeram Venkiteswaran, CynLr focuses on developing visual object intelligence and robotic manipulation systems. The company is based in Bangalore and aims to improve automation in manufacturing and logistics.

Innovations: CynLr’s technology allows robots to visually identify and handle objects with high precision, even in unstructured environments. Their solutions include robotic arms equipped with advanced vision systems that can adapt to different objects and tasks, enhancing flexibility and accuracy in automated processes.

Impact: CynLr’s innovations are helping industries automate complex tasks that require visual recognition and manipulation, such as sorting, assembly, and quality inspection. Their technology reduces the need for human intervention, improves process efficiency, and ensures high-quality output, making it a valuable asset for manufacturers and logistics providers.

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6. RoboSoft Systems

Founder(s)Rohit Goyal, Rajeev Ranjan
LocationMumbai, India
InnovationsRobotic process automation, industrial robotics
ImpactAutomates repetitive tasks, enhances productivity
RoboSoft Systems – Top 10 Robotics startups in India

Overview: Founded by Rohit Goyal and Rajeev Ranjan in 2008, RoboSoft Systems specializes in robotic process automation (RPA) and industrial robotics. The company is headquartered in Mumbai and provides solutions for automating repetitive and labor-intensive tasks.

Innovations: RoboSoft Systems develops robots and automation software that streamline processes in manufacturing, banking, and telecommunications. Their products include robotic arms, automated assembly lines, and software bots that perform data entry, transaction processing, and customer service tasks.

Impact: RoboSoft Systems’ solutions have significantly improved productivity and operational efficiency for their clients. By automating repetitive tasks, their technology reduces labor costs, minimizes errors, and allows human workers to focus on more strategic activities. This has led to enhanced customer satisfaction and increased profitability for businesses across various sectors.

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7. Ishitva Robotic Systems

Founder(s)Vivek Sinha
LocationAhmedabad, India
InnovationsWaste management robotics, AI-powered sorting system
ImpactPromotes sustainable waste management practices
Ishitva Robotic Systems – Top 10 Robotics startups in India

Overview: Founded by Vivek Sinha in 2018, Ishitva Robotic Systems focuses on waste management and recycling through robotics and AI. The company is based in Ahmedabad and aims to revolutionize waste management practices in India.

Innovations: Ishitva’s flagship product, Yaskawa, is an AI-powered robotic system that sorts waste materials efficiently. The system uses machine learning algorithms and advanced sensors to identify and segregate different types of waste, such as plastics, metals, and paper, for recycling.

Impact: Ishitva’s technology is helping cities and industries manage waste more sustainably by increasing recycling rates and reducing the burden on manual labor. Their solutions promote environmental sustainability and support India’s efforts to tackle its waste management challenges. Additionally, their technology contributes to cleaner urban environments and reduces the health risks associated with waste handling.

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8. Unbox Robotics

Founder(s)Pramod Ghadge, Apurva Damani
LocationPune, India
InnovationsSorting and material handling robots for logistics
ImpactOptimizes warehouse operations, improves fulfillment
Unbox Robotics – Top 10 Robotics startups in India

Overview: Unbox Robotics, founded by Pramod Ghadge and Apurva Damani in 2019, specializes in developing robotic solutions for logistics and e-commerce. The company is based in Pune and focuses on optimizing warehouse operations and improving order fulfillment efficiency.

Innovations: Unbox Robotics has developed proprietary sorting and material handling robots that can be easily integrated into existing warehouse systems. Their robots use advanced algorithms and AI to navigate warehouse floors, sort packages, and transport goods with high precision and speed.

Impact: Unbox Robotics’ solutions have enabled logistics and e-commerce companies to handle increasing volumes of orders efficiently. Their technology reduces manual labor, minimizes sorting errors, and speeds up the order fulfillment process, leading to faster delivery times and improved customer satisfaction. Their innovations are particularly valuable during peak shopping seasons when demand surges.

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9. Genrobotics

Founder(s)Arun George, Rashid Bin Abdulla
LocationTrivandrum, India
InnovationsBandicoot robot for sewer cleaning
ImpactImproves sanitation, reduces health risks
Genrobotics – Top 10 Robotics startups in India

Overview: Founded by Arun George and Rashid Bin Abdulla in 2017, Genrobotics is dedicated to developing robotic solutions for hazardous tasks. The company is based in Trivandrum and aims to improve sanitation and hygiene practices in India.

Innovations: Genrobotics’ flagship product, Bandicoot, is a robot designed to clean manholes and sewers, reducing the health risks faced by manual scavengers. The robot is equipped with advanced sensors and mechanical arms that can navigate and clean confined spaces efficiently.

Impact: Genrobotics’ innovations are transforming the sanitation sector by eliminating the need for humans to perform dangerous tasks. Their technology has improved the health and safety of sanitation workers and has been adopted by numerous municipal bodies across India. By automating sewer cleaning, Genrobotics is also contributing to cleaner and healthier urban environments.

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10. Omnipresent Robot Tech

Founder(s)Akash Sinha, Anuj Kapoor
LocationDelhi, India
InnovationsDrones, ground robots, underwater robots
ImpactEnhances defense, agriculture, disaster management
Omnipresent Robot Tech – Top 10 Robotics startups in India

Overview: Founded by Akash Sinha and Anuj Kapoor in 2010, Omnipresent Robot Tech provides a range of robotic solutions for sectors such as defense, agriculture, and disaster management. The company is based in Delhi and is known for its versatile and innovative robotics technology.

Innovations: Omnipresent Robot Tech’s offerings include drones, ground robots, and underwater robots designed for various applications. Their drones are used for aerial surveillance, agriculture monitoring, and disaster assessment. Ground robots are deployed for tasks such as inspection and reconnaissance, while underwater robots are used for marine exploration and maintenance.

Impact: Omnipresent Robot Tech’s solutions are making a significant impact across multiple industries. In defense, their robots enhance surveillance and security operations. In agriculture, their technology improves crop monitoring and management, leading to better yields and resource utilization. In disaster management, their robots provide critical support for search and rescue missions, reducing response times and improving outcomes. Their versatile technology is helping to address complex challenges in various sectors, showcasing the broad potential of robotics.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on Top 10 Robotics Startups in India

1. What is the significance of robotics startups in India?

  • Robotics startups in India are significant because they are driving innovation across various industries such as manufacturing, healthcare, logistics, and agriculture. They are developing advanced robotic solutions that improve efficiency, reduce costs, and address specific challenges in these sectors.

2. How are these startups contributing to the Indian economy?

  • These startups are contributing to the Indian economy by creating new job opportunities in the high-tech sector, attracting investments both domestically and internationally, and fostering technological advancements that enhance India’s global competitiveness in robotics and automation.

3. What are the key innovations of these robotics startups?

  • The key innovations include AI-driven warehouse robotics, industrial automation solutions like AGVs and robotic picking systems, humanoid robots for healthcare and retail, robotic process automation (RPA), waste management robotics, and specialized robots for hazardous tasks like sewer cleaning and disaster management.

4. How are these startups impacting their respective industries?

  • They are impacting industries by automating repetitive tasks, improving accuracy and speed in operations, reducing labor costs, enhancing productivity, ensuring better resource management, and promoting sustainable practices such as efficient waste management and cleaner environments.

5. What are the future prospects for robotics startups in India?

  • The future prospects are promising as these startups continue to innovate and expand their capabilities. They are likely to play a crucial role in sectors such as smart manufacturing, healthcare robotics, autonomous vehicles, and AI-powered services. Collaboration with global partners and continued investment in research and development will further fuel their growth.

6. How can businesses benefit from collaborating with these robotics startups?

  • Businesses can benefit by adopting robotics solutions that streamline operations, reduce operational costs, improve customer service, and enhance overall efficiency. Collaborating with these startups allows businesses to leverage cutting-edge technology tailored to their specific needs and challenges.

7. What challenges do robotics startups in India face?

  • Challenges include high initial capital investment, technical expertise acquisition, regulatory hurdles, and market adoption. However, with government support, increasing awareness, and a growing demand for automation solutions, these challenges are gradually being addressed.

8. How are these startups addressing environmental and social concerns?

  • Robotics startups are addressing environmental concerns by promoting sustainable practices such as efficient waste management and reducing the carbon footprint through automation. Socially, they are improving workplace safety by replacing hazardous manual tasks with robotic solutions and enhancing healthcare services through robotic assistance and care.

9. What role do these startups play in fostering innovation and entrepreneurship in India?

  • These startups are catalysts for innovation by pushing the boundaries of technological advancements in robotics and AI. They inspire entrepreneurship by showcasing success stories in the high-tech sector, attracting talent, and encouraging more startups to enter the field of robotics and automation.

10. How can individuals or companies get involved with or support these robotics startups?

  • Individuals and companies can support these startups by investing in their ventures, collaborating on projects, providing mentorship and expertise, participating in pilot programs, or adopting their robotics solutions to improve their own operations and contribute to the growth of the ecosystem.


These top 10 robotics startups in India are at the forefront of technological innovation, driving the country’s progress in the field of robotics. By addressing diverse challenges and creating advanced solutions, these companies are not only transforming industries but also contributing to the growth of the Indian economy. As they continue to evolve and expand their capabilities, the future of robotics in India looks exceedingly promising.

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