Social Media Reigns The Impact of Facebook and Instagram Reels on Beauty Product Purchases in India

Social Media Reigns The Impact of Facebook and Instagram Reels on Beauty Product Purchases in India In a digital era where social media holds immense sway, a recent survey reveals that more than 80% of Indian consumers are influenced to purchase beauty products through platforms like Facebook and Instagram reels. The study provides intriguing insights into the evolving landscape of consumer behavior, particularly in the beauty and cosmetics industry.

The Power of Social Media Reels

Social media reels, a feature popularized by platforms like Instagram, are proving to be a significant driver of consumer purchasing decisions. A staggering 47% of surveyed consumers reported discovering new beauty products through these short video formats. What’s even more impactful is that one-third of them went on to make actual purchases, underscoring the influential role that these engaging and visually appealing reels play in shaping consumer choices.

The Rise of Online Beauty Purchases

The survey indicates a notable shift in consumer preferences, with 68% of beauty buyers expressing a preference for online purchases. This marks a significant 15% increase compared to the pre-pandemic period, highlighting the enduring impact of changing consumer habits accelerated by the digital transformation brought about by the global health crisis.

Meta Platforms Dominate Discovery

Meta platforms, including Facebook and Instagram, emerge as dominant players in the beauty product discovery journey, with a whopping 92% of surveyed consumers finding their desired products through these channels. Among them, Instagram reels stand out as a particularly influential medium, accounting for nearly half (47%) of the beauty product discoveries made on Meta platforms.

Implications for Beauty Brands

For beauty brands, the findings underscore the critical importance of establishing a robust and engaging presence on social media platforms, especially those offering short video formats. Crafting visually appealing content and leveraging the influential power of reels can significantly impact brand visibility and, ultimately, drive consumer conversions. As the trend toward online beauty purchases continues to surge, brands that adapt and strategically position themselves in the digital space are poised to capitalize on the evolving preferences of the Indian consumer.


The survey results depict a digital revolution in the beauty industry, with social media, particularly Facebook and Instagram reels, emerging as key influencers in the purchasing decisions of Indian consumers. As online beauty purchases gain prominence, brands navigating this dynamic landscape must harness the power of these platforms to connect with consumers and stay at the forefront of this evolving market. The era of social media-driven beauty commerce in India is well underway, presenting both challenges and opportunities for industry players seeking to thrive in the digital age.

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