High-Stakes Divorce Drama Unfolds Nawaz Modi Singhania Seeks 75% of Gautam Singhania’s $1.4 Billion Net Worth

High-Stakes Divorce Drama Unfolds Nawaz Modi Singhania Seeks 75% of Gautam Singhania’s $1.4 Billion Net Worth In a high-profile divorce case, Nawaz Modi Singhania, the estranged wife of Raymond Ltd Chairman Gautam Singhania, has reportedly requested a substantial settlement, seeking 75% of his estimated $1.4 billion (11,650 crore) net worth. The couple, who recently separated after 32 years of marriage, is navigating a complex legal process to determine the division of assets.

Negotiations and Proposed Settlement

Despite the staggering demand, Gautam Singhania has reportedly accepted Nawaz’s request but with a unique proposition. He suggests the creation of a family trust for the transfer of assets, a condition that Nawaz is said to be resisting. The proposed trust raises eyebrows as it includes a clause allowing family members to inherit the assets after Gautam’s demise, a point of contention in the ongoing negotiations.

Legal Advisors and Mediator

Legal luminaries Haigreve Khaitan and Rashmi Kant are intricately involved in the divorce proceedings, providing counsel to the parties involved. Additionally, mediator Akshay Chudasama is playing a crucial role in facilitating discussions and working towards a resolution. The involvement of seasoned legal minds suggests a complex and nuanced negotiation process.

Focus on the Future: Niharika and Nisa

Amidst the legal battles and financial negotiations, both Gautam and Nawaz are reported to be prioritizing the future well-being of their two daughters, Niharika and Nisa. As the divorce unfolds, efforts are being made to ensure the stability and security of the daughters, underscoring the couple’s shared commitment to their children despite the challenges in their personal relationship.


The high-stakes divorce proceedings between Gautam Singhania and Nawaz Modi Singhania continue to capture public attention as the couple navigates intricate negotiations over the division of a substantial net worth. The inclusion of a family trust in the proposed settlement adds a layer of complexity, highlighting the intricacies involved in such high-profile cases. As legal advisors and a mediator guide the process, the focus remains on securing a resolution that not only addresses financial concerns but also safeguards the future of the couple’s daughters. The unfolding drama serves as a stark reminder of the complexities inherent in managing the dissolution of long-standing marriages involving significant assets.

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