Amazon Launches INR 399 Prime Shopping Edition for Android Users

Amazon Launches INR 399 Prime Shopping Edition for Android Users Amazon, the global e-commerce giant, has introduced a new Prime annual membership plan specifically tailored for Android users in India. Priced at INR 399, the Prime Shopping Edition offers a no-frills shopping-only plan, providing customers with essential benefits like free shipping and one-day deliveries while omitting access to services such as Prime Video, Music, Reading, Gaming, and more.

Key Features of Prime Shopping Edition

Affordable Annual Plan: Priced at INR 399 per year, the Prime Shopping Edition offers a cost-effective membership option for customers who primarily value Amazon’s shopping-related perks.

Free Shipping: Subscribers to this plan can enjoy free shipping on eligible products, making online shopping more convenient and economical.

One-Day Deliveries: Prime Shopping Edition members will benefit from expedited one-day deliveries on a wide range of products, enhancing the shopping experience.

No-Frills Shopping: Unlike the traditional Amazon Prime membership, the Prime Shopping Edition is solely focused on shopping-related benefits, without including access to additional entertainment and content services.

Implications and Strategy

Catering to Varied Customer Preferences: Amazon’s introduction of the Prime Shopping Edition reflects the company’s commitment to catering to a diverse range of customer preferences. By offering a more affordable plan focused solely on shopping perks, Amazon is targeting customers who prioritize these benefits over entertainment and content services.

Enhancing Competitiveness: This move by Amazon is likely aimed at enhancing its competitiveness in the Indian e-commerce market. By offering a budget-friendly option, Amazon can attract a wider audience and potentially gain an edge over competitors.

Upselling Opportunity: Amazon may also view this as an opportunity for upselling. Customers who initially opt for the Prime Shopping Edition may later decide to upgrade to the full-fledged Amazon Prime membership to access the entire suite of services, including Prime Video, Music, and more.

Market Expansion: India is a critical market for Amazon, and the introduction of this new membership plan aligns with the company’s goal of expanding its customer base and market share in the country.


Amazon’s launch of the Prime Shopping Edition for Android users in India at an attractive price point reflects the company’s adaptability to local market dynamics and consumer preferences. By offering a shopping-centric membership plan, Amazon aims to further solidify its position in the highly competitive Indian e-commerce landscape while providing a more affordable option for budget-conscious shoppers. It remains to be seen how this offering will resonate with Indian consumers and potentially drive further growth for Amazon in the region.

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