India’s rapid urbanization and the government’s Smart Cities Mission have catalyzed the emergence of numerous startups focused on enhancing urban living through technology. These startups are revolutionizing various aspects of city life, from traffic management and waste disposal to energy efficiency and public safety. Here’s a look at the top 10 smart city startups in India, each making significant strides in transforming urban environments.

1. Urban Company – Top 10 Smart City Startups in India

FounderAbhiraj Bhal, Varun Khaitan, Raghav Chandra
LocationGurugram, Haryana
Additional Info– Originally started as UrbanClap, rebranded to Urban Company<br>- Offers a wide range of home services via a mobile app<br>- Ensures service quality through standardized procedures and customer reviews
Urban Company – Top 10 Smart City Startups in India

Overview: UrbanClap, rebranded as Urban Company, is a leading platform for hiring trusted professionals for home services such as cleaning, repairs, beauty services, and more. Founded in 2014, it operates in multiple cities across India.

Innovations: UrbanClap innovates by providing a seamless booking experience through its mobile app, ensuring transparency with upfront pricing and quality assurance with customer reviews. It has also standardized service quality through training programs for service providers.

Impact: The startup has transformed urban living by making it convenient and reliable to access essential services. It has empowered skilled professionals, often from underprivileged backgrounds, by providing them with a platform to reach customers directly, thereby boosting employment and economic opportunities.

2. Yulu – Top 10 Smart City Startups in India

FounderAmit Gupta, RK Misra
LocationBengaluru, Karnataka
Additional Info– Specializes in dockless electric bike and scooter sharing<br>- Aims to solve urban mobility challenges with eco-friendly solutions<br>- Operates in major cities across India
Yulu – Top 10 Smart City Startups in India

Overview: Yulu, founded in 2017, offers a dockless electric bike and scooter sharing service aimed at reducing traffic congestion and pollution in urban areas.

Innovations: Yulu’s key innovation lies in its fleet of IoT-enabled electric vehicles (EVs), which are easily accessible via a mobile app. The startup promotes sustainable urban mobility by providing an affordable and eco-friendly alternative to traditional modes of transportation.

Impact: By facilitating short-distance travel with zero emissions, Yulu contributes to cleaner air and reduced carbon footprint in cities. It also addresses the last-mile connectivity problem, making urban commuting more efficient and convenient for residents.

3. Stellapps – Top 10 Smart City Startups in India

FounderRanjith Mukundan, Praveen Nale, Ramakrishna Adukuri
LocationBengaluru, Karnataka
Additional Info– Provides IoT-based solutions for dairy supply chain management<br>- Innovations include smart milk meters and cloud-based dairy management software<br>- Aims to improve milk quality and transparency in dairy operations
Stellapps – Top 10 Smart City Startups in India

Overview: Stellapps, established in 2011, focuses on digitizing the dairy supply chain to enhance efficiency and quality control in milk production and distribution.

Innovations: Stellapps employs IoT, cloud computing, and data analytics to monitor various stages of milk production, from milking to delivery. Its solutions include smart milk meters, automated milk collection units, and cloud-based software for dairy management.

Impact: The startup has significantly improved milk procurement processes, ensuring fair pricing for farmers and reducing wastage. By promoting transparency and efficiency, Stellapps supports sustainable dairy farming practices and enhances food security in urban areas.

4. Zenatix – Top 10 Smart City Startups in India

FounderRahul Bhalla, Vishal Bansal, Amarjeet Singh
LocationGurugram, Haryana
Additional Info– Specializes in energy management solutions for commercial buildings<br>- Uses IoT and AI for real-time energy monitoring and optimization<br>- Helps businesses reduce energy costs and carbon footprint
Zenatix – Top 10 Smart City Startups in India

Overview: Zenatix, founded in 2013, specializes in energy management solutions for commercial buildings using IoT and AI technologies.

Innovations: Zenatix’s innovations include real-time energy monitoring, predictive maintenance algorithms, and energy efficiency optimization tools. Its solutions help businesses reduce energy consumption, lower operational costs, and comply with environmental regulations.

Impact: By optimizing energy usage in urban buildings, Zenatix contributes to sustainability goals and reduces carbon emissions. It enables businesses to make data-driven decisions for energy efficiency improvements, ultimately supporting India’s transition to smart and energy-efficient cities.

5. Bounce – Top 10 Smart City Startups in India

FounderVivekananda Hallekere, Anil G, Varun Agni
LocationBengaluru, Karnataka
Additional Info– Offers dockless scooter sharing service for urban mobility<br>- Focuses on reducing traffic congestion and pollution<br>- Operates across multiple cities in India
Bounce – Top 10 Smart City Startups in India

Overview: Bounce, launched in 2014, offers a dockless scooter sharing service that provides flexible urban mobility solutions.

Innovations: Bounce’s innovation lies in its robust scooter tracking technology and user-friendly mobile app. It allows users to locate and unlock scooters easily, promoting hassle-free short-distance travel in congested urban areas.

Impact: The startup addresses urban congestion by offering an alternative to private car usage, thereby reducing traffic and pollution. Bounce enhances urban mobility options, particularly for first-mile and last-mile connectivity, making cities more accessible and livable.

6. – Top 10 Smart City Startups in India

FounderSachin Jaiswal, Nitin Babel, Keshav Prawasi
LocationBengaluru, Karnataka
Additional Info– Specializes in AI-powered conversational commerce<br>- Offers a chatbot for services like booking cabs, paying bills, and more<br>- Simplifies urban living by automating everyday tasks through natural language processing – Top 10 Smart City Startups in India

Overview:, founded in 2015, is an AI-powered platform offering conversational commerce solutions to simplify everyday tasks for urban consumers.

Innovations:’s innovation lies in its natural language processing (NLP) technology, which enables users to interact with the platform via chatbots. It offers services ranging from booking cabs and hotels to paying bills and ordering groceries, all through a conversational interface.

Impact: By streamlining service interactions through AI, enhances convenience and efficiency in urban living. It reduces the time and effort required for essential tasks, making city life more manageable and allowing residents to focus on other priorities.

7. SmarterHomes Technologies – Top 10 Smart City Startups in India

FounderVineet Saraf, Gaurav Burman
LocationNew Delhi
Additional Info– Provides IoT solutions for water management in residential complexes<br>- Enables real-time monitoring and management of water usage<br>- Aims to promote water conservation and efficiency in urban areas
SmarterHomes Technologies – Top 10 Smart City Startups in India

Overview: SmarterHomes, established in 2015, specializes in IoT-based solutions for water management in residential complexes and commercial buildings.

Innovations: SmarterHomes innovates with its smart water metering technology, which allows real-time monitoring of water usage. It also offers leak detection systems and automated billing solutions based on actual consumption, promoting efficient water management practices.

Impact: The startup contributes to water conservation efforts in urban areas by minimizing leaks and wastage. By providing accurate data on water usage, SmarterHomes helps residents and building managers make informed decisions for sustainable water consumption, crucial in water-stressed urban environments.

8. Perpule – Top 10 Smart City Startups in India

FounderAbhinav Pathak, Saketh BSV, Yogesh Ghaturle
LocationBengaluru, Karnataka
Additional Info– Offers self-checkout and queue management solutions for retail stores<br>- Improves customer experience and operational efficiency in urban retail environments<br>- Helps reduce checkout times and streamline inventory management
Perpule – Top 10 Smart City Startups in India

Overview: Perpule, founded in 2016, is transforming retail experiences through its self-checkout and omni-channel engagement solutions.

Innovations: Perpule’s innovation lies in its mobile app that allows customers to scan and pay for products directly from their smartphones. It also offers retailers insights into customer behavior and inventory management through its analytics platform.

Impact: By reducing checkout times and enhancing customer convenience, Perpule improves the efficiency of retail operations in urban areas. It enhances the shopping experience by eliminating queues and ensuring smoother transactions, thereby increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty.

9. Chalo – Top 10 Smart City Startups in India

FounderDhruv Chopra
LocationBengaluru, Karnataka
Additional Info– Provides real-time bus tracking and digital ticketing solutions<br>- Aims to enhance reliability and convenience of urban public transportation<br>- Improves commuter experience and reduces waiting times at bus stops
Chalo – Top 10 Smart City Startups in India

Overview: Chalo, launched in 2014, focuses on making public transport smarter and more accessible through technology solutions.

Innovations: Chalo’s key innovation is its real-time bus tracking and digital ticketing platform. It provides commuters with accurate information on bus arrivals and departures via a mobile app, along with cashless payment options for tickets.

Impact: The startup improves the reliability and efficiency of urban public transportation systems. By reducing wait times and enabling seamless ticketing, Chalo encourages more people to use buses, thereby reducing private vehicle usage and easing congestion on city roads.

10. Smart Joules – Top 10 Smart City Startups in India

FounderArjun Gupta, Mandar Kaprekar
LocationNew Delhi
Additional Info– Focuses on energy optimization solutions for large buildings and industrial facilities<br>- Uses IoT sensors and AI to reduce energy consumption and costs<br>- Promotes sustainable practices and supports urban development with efficient energy management
Smart Joules – Top 10 Smart City Startups in India

Overview: Smart Joules, founded in 2014, offers energy efficiency solutions for large commercial buildings and industrial facilities.

Innovations: Smart Joules innovates with its DeJoule technology, combining IoT sensors, data analytics, and AI to optimize energy usage. It identifies energy-saving opportunities and implements customized strategies for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems.

Impact: By reducing energy consumption and operational costs, Smart Joules helps businesses in urban areas achieve sustainability goals. It also contributes to reducing carbon emissions and environmental impact associated with energy-intensive buildings, promoting a greener and more efficient urban infrastructure.

FAQs About Top Smart City Startups in India

1. What are smart city startups?

Smart city startups are entrepreneurial ventures that leverage technology and innovation to address urban challenges such as traffic congestion, pollution, energy management, and public service efficiency. They aim to improve the quality of life in cities by implementing sustainable and efficient solutions.

2. How do smart city startups contribute to urban development?

Smart city startups contribute to urban development by introducing innovative solutions that enhance mobility, energy efficiency, waste management, public safety, and overall urban infrastructure. These startups play a crucial role in making cities more sustainable, livable, and technologically advanced.

3. What are some key areas of focus for smart city startups in India?

Smart city startups in India focus on various areas including:

  • Urban mobility: Providing alternative modes of transport and improving last-mile connectivity.
  • Energy management: Optimizing energy usage in buildings and promoting renewable energy solutions.
  • Waste management: Implementing technologies for efficient waste collection, segregation, and recycling.
  • Public safety: Enhancing surveillance systems and emergency response mechanisms.
  • Digital infrastructure: Developing smart grid systems, IoT networks, and digital platforms for urban services.

4. How do these startups impact everyday life in urban areas?

These startups impact everyday life in urban areas by:

  • Making transportation more convenient and eco-friendly.
  • Reducing energy consumption and costs for businesses and residents.
  • Enhancing public services such as waste management and water supply.
  • Improving the overall quality of life through technology-driven solutions that prioritize efficiency and sustainability.

5. What role does government policy play in supporting smart city startups?

Government policies such as the Smart Cities Mission in India provide frameworks, funding, and incentives to support smart city initiatives and startups. These policies encourage collaboration between public and private sectors, promote innovation, and facilitate the implementation of smart technologies in urban areas.

6. How can individuals and businesses benefit from these smart city startups?

Individuals and businesses can benefit from smart city startups by:

  • Accessing more efficient and affordable urban services.
  • Improving operational efficiencies and reducing costs through smart technologies.
  • Contributing to environmental sustainability by adopting eco-friendly solutions.
  • Enhancing overall convenience and quality of life in urban environments.

7. What are the challenges faced by smart city startups in India?

Challenges faced by smart city startups in India may include:

  • Regulatory complexities and bureaucratic hurdles.
  • Funding constraints and access to capital for scaling operations.
  • Adoption barriers among traditional stakeholders and communities.
  • Ensuring data privacy and cybersecurity in IoT-enabled solutions.
  • Navigating infrastructure limitations and scalability issues in diverse urban landscapes.

8. How can cities and urban planners collaborate with smart city startups?

Cities and urban planners can collaborate with smart city startups by:

  • Engaging in pilot projects to test and validate innovative solutions.
  • Providing access to urban data and infrastructure for research and development.
  • Forming partnerships to co-create and implement smart city initiatives.
  • Incorporating feedback from residents and stakeholders to address urban challenges effectively.

9. What are some success stories of smart city startups in India?

Successful examples of smart city startups in India include:

  • Yulu: Transforming urban mobility with electric bike and scooter sharing.
  • Urban Company (formerly UrbanClap): Simplifying access to home services through a digital platform.
  • Stellapps: Digitizing the dairy supply chain to improve efficiency and transparency.
  • Zenatix: Enhancing energy management in commercial buildings with IoT solutions.
  • Perpule: Revolutionizing retail experiences with self-checkout and queue management systems.

10. How can individuals support the growth of smart city startups?

Individuals can support smart city startups by: – Using their services and providing feedback to improve user experience. – Advocating for smart city initiatives and spreading awareness in their communities. – Investing in startups through crowdfunding platforms or venture capital firms. – Participating in pilot projects or initiatives that promote sustainable urban living.


These ten smart city startups in India exemplify innovation and entrepreneurship in addressing urban challenges. By leveraging technology and creative solutions, they enhance efficiency, sustainability, and quality of life in cities. As India continues its urbanization journey, these startups play a crucial role in shaping smarter and more livable urban environments. Their impact extends beyond technological innovation to economic growth, employment generation, and environmental sustainability, making them key players in India’s smart city ecosystem.

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