The AI-Powered B2B Sales Tool Emerges with $2 Million in Funding

The AI-Powered B2B Sales Tool Emerges with $2 Million in Funding Seattle-based startup Vieu has recently emerged from stealth mode, introducing an innovative AI-powered business-to-business (B2B) sales tool to the market. Founded by former Microsoft executive Samir Manjure, Vieu is set to disrupt the B2B sales landscape with its cutting-edge technology. The company has secured $2 million in fresh funding to drive its mission forward. In this article, we explore Vieu’s entry into the market and the potential impact of its AI-driven sales tool.

  1. Vieu’s Debut:Vieu, a Seattle-based startup, has made its debut with a new AI-powered B2B sales tool, poised to revolutionize the way businesses approach sales.
  2. Stealth Mode Emergence:The company emerged from stealth mode, unveiling its technology and vision to transform B2B sales processes.
  3. Founder’s Microsoft Background:CEO Samir Manjure brings over 17 years of experience from Microsoft to the helm of Vieu, leveraging his deep industry insights.
  4. AI-Powered Sales Tool:Vieu’s sales tool harnesses the power of artificial intelligence to streamline and enhance B2B sales processes, promising increased efficiency and effectiveness.
  5. Fresh Funding Injection:Vieu has secured $2 million in fresh funding, a significant boost to fuel its growth and innovation in the B2B sales space.
  6. Disrupting the B2B Sales Landscape:Vieu’s technology has the potential to disrupt traditional B2B sales approaches, offering a more data-driven and intelligent solution.
  7. Enhancing Sales Efficiency:The AI-powered tool is expected to optimize sales efforts, providing valuable insights, predictive analytics, and automation to sales teams.
  8. Driving Business Growth:Vieu’s mission is to help businesses achieve growth by enabling smarter, data-driven sales strategies.


Vieu’s emergence from stealth mode with its AI-powered B2B sales tool and $2 million in funding marks a significant development in the world of sales technology. With a seasoned executive like Samir Manjure at the helm, the company is well-positioned to disrupt the B2B sales landscape by offering a more efficient, data-driven, and intelligent approach to sales processes. As businesses increasingly recognize the value of AI in enhancing sales efficiency, Vieu’s innovative solution holds the potential to transform how B2B sales are conducted, ultimately driving business growth and success.

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