Scaler Strengthens its Edtech Presence with Acquisition of Delhi-Based Startup Pepcoding

Scaler, a leading edtech company, has recently acquired Pepcoding, an edtech startup based in Delhi, India. The financial details of the acquisition have not been disclosed publicly.

Pepcoding, founded in 2016, focuses on providing coding and programming courses to students. The company has gained a reputation for its comprehensive curriculum and industry-aligned training programs. By acquiring Pepcoding, Scaler aims to enhance its offerings in the coding and programming education space and expand its reach to a wider student base.

The acquisition of Pepcoding will bring several advantages to Scaler. Firstly, it will provide Scaler with access to Pepcoding’s established student community and network, enabling them to engage with a larger audience. Additionally, Scaler will benefit from Pepcoding’s expertise in curriculum development and teaching methodologies, which can be integrated into Scaler’s existing programs to further enhance the learning experience for students.

The acquisition aligns with Scaler’s vision to become a leading player in the edtech sector, particularly in the domain of technology and programming education. Scaler has been recognized for its high-quality programs and industry partnerships, and the addition of Pepcoding will strengthen its position in the market.

For Pepcoding, the acquisition by Scaler presents an opportunity for further growth and expansion. Being part of a larger and more established edtech company like Scaler will provide Pepcoding with access to additional resources and expertise to scale its operations and reach a wider student base.

Both Scaler and Pepcoding share a common goal of providing industry-relevant education and preparing students for in-demand tech careers. The acquisition will enable them to combine their strengths, leverage synergies, and deliver an even more comprehensive and impactful learning experience to aspiring programmers and coders.

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