Happie Curves Secures INR 20 Lakhs in Angel Funding with Backing from Prominent Investors

Happie Curves Secures INR 20 Lakhs in Angel Funding with Backing from Prominent Investors In a significant boost to Gurugram-based fashion enterprise Happie Curves, the company specializing in plus-size clothing and comfortable apparel has successfully secured INR 20 lakhs in angel finance. This strategic infusion of funds, accompanied by a 30% equity dilution, signals a promising chapter for Happie Curves and its mission to redefine the landscape of inclusive fashion.

Investor Lineup: Aparna Thyagarajan and Rikant Pittie Join Forces

The funding round was orchestrated with the participation of two distinguished angel investors, lending their support and expertise to Happie Curves’ vision. Aparna Thyagarajan, co-founder, and chief product officer of Shobitam Inc., a trailblazing company in the e-commerce space, has strategically aligned herself with Happie Curves. Aparna’s background and experience bring a valuable perspective to the plus-size fashion domain, emphasizing the importance of inclusive and diverse offerings in the market.

Joining Aparna in this investment venture is Rikant Pittie, Co-founder of EaseMyTrip, a well-known name in the travel and hospitality sector. Rikant’s decision to invest in Happie Curves underscores the potential and promise he sees in the innovative approach of the Gurugram-based firm. His involvement is poised to contribute not only financial backing but also strategic insights derived from his successful ventures in the business world.

Purposeful Investment: Fueling the Future of Inclusive Fashion

The angel funding, totaling INR 20 lakhs, comes with a 30% equity dilution, signifying the commitment of Happie Curves to leverage these funds for strategic growth and expansion. The infusion of capital will play a pivotal role in scaling operations, expanding product lines, and strengthening the brand’s market presence.

Happie Curves, with its focus on plus-size clothing and comfy apparel, stands at the intersection of fashion and inclusivity. The recent investment not only validates the business model but also positions the company for accelerated growth in a market that increasingly values diversity and representation.

Future Prospects: A Visionary Path Forward

As Happie Curves embarks on this new phase of growth, the involvement of Aparna Thyagarajan and Rikant Pittie serves as a testament to the potential and significance of the company’s mission. The infusion of funds from these seasoned investors is expected to propel Happie Curves into new heights, solidifying its position as a key player in the evolving landscape of inclusive fashion.

With a strategic roadmap guided by experienced investors, Happie Curves is well-positioned to continue its journey of reshaping the narrative around body positivity and fashion inclusivity. The infusion of angel funding not only marks a financial milestone but also sets the stage for Happie Curves to emerge as a leader in the plus-size fashion industry.

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