DKK Partners Taps Centropy PR for Global Communications Strategy

DKK Partners Taps Centropy PR for Global Communications Strategy In a strategic move to enhance its global outreach, DKK Partners, a FinTech firm specializing in foreign exchange liquidity and emerging markets, has enlisted the services of Centropy PR to lead its comprehensive communications strategy. The partnership aims to elevate DKK Partners’ profile, particularly in the areas of FX payments services for SMEs in emerging markets across Africa and the Middle East.

About DKK Partners

Founded in 2020, DKK Partners has rapidly established itself as a key player in the FinTech space, focusing on delivering FX payments services tailored to the unique needs of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in emerging markets. Leveraging cutting-edge trading technology and market intelligence, the company has achieved remarkable success, surpassing £100 million in annual revenues. DKK Partners is committed to addressing customer challenges by providing innovative solutions in the dynamic landscape of foreign exchange and liquidity.

Centropy PR’s Role

Centropy PR, a renowned communications agency with expertise in the financial and technology sectors, will take charge of DKK Partners’ global communications strategy. The agency’s responsibilities include managing public relations efforts, overseeing communication campaigns, and creating engaging content that aligns with DKK Partners’ vision and values. Centropy PR will play a key role in enhancing DKK Partners’ visibility on a global scale.

Strategic Focus on Industry Events and Media Relations

As part of the comprehensive communications campaign, Centropy PR will strategically navigate industry events, establishing DKK Partners as a thought leader in the FinTech sector. The agency will also foster strong relationships with key media outlets, ensuring that DKK Partners’ successes, innovations, and contributions to the industry are effectively communicated to a broader audience.

Technology and Market Intelligence Driving Success

DKK Partners’ impressive annual revenues highlight the company’s effective utilization of trading technology and market intelligence to solve customer problems. The partnership with Centropy PR signifies a strategic approach to communicate these achievements and capabilities to a global audience, further solidifying DKK Partners’ position as an influential player in the FinTech landscape.


The collaboration between DKK Partners and Centropy PR marks a significant milestone in DKK Partners’ journey to strengthen its global presence. As the FinTech company continues to thrive in providing FX payments services in emerging markets, Centropy PR’s expertise in crafting compelling narratives and managing strategic communications will undoubtedly play a pivotal role in elevating DKK Partners’ reputation and impact within the financial technology sector. The partnership reflects a shared commitment to innovation, communication excellence, and sustained growth in the dynamic landscape of FinTech.

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