Bengaluru's Traffic Woes Spark Calls for Permanent Work From Home Policies

Bengaluru’s Traffic Woes Spark Calls for Permanent Work From Home Policies Bengaluru’s Outer Ring Road (ORR) recently faced a severe traffic gridlock, leaving commuters stranded for hours to cover a mere 15 kilometers. Frustration among residents has reached a boiling point, prompting netizens to call for IT companies in the city to implement permanent work from home (WFH) policies until the persistent traffic issues are effectively resolved. While the idea of WFH has garnered widespread support, concerns regarding moonlighting and the value of in-person collaboration for a few days a week have also been raised.

Traffic Congestion Crisis:The recent traffic congestion on Bengaluru’s Outer Ring Road highlights a chronic issue that residents and commuters face regularly. Overcrowded roads and long commute times have become a daily ordeal for many in the city.

Demand for Permanent WFH:Frustrated by the recurring traffic woes, many netizens have called upon IT companies, which are prominent in Bengaluru, to adopt permanent WFH policies. They argue that reducing the number of commuters on the road could alleviate traffic congestion and enhance the overall quality of life in the city.

Moonlighting Concerns:Some critics argue that implementing permanent WFH policies might lead to moonlighting, where employees engage in secondary work or freelancing during office hours. This concern emphasizes the need for monitoring and accountability in a remote work environment.

Balancing Collaboration and Flexibility:While remote work offers flexibility, it is also essential to acknowledge the value of in-person collaboration. Many professionals argue that a hybrid model, where employees work from the office for a portion of the week, strikes a balance between flexibility and the benefits of face-to-face interactions.

Infrastructure Improvement:Beyond WFH policies, the traffic issue in Bengaluru calls for substantial infrastructure improvements, including better road networks, enhanced public transportation, and the development of alternative commuting options.


Bengaluru’s traffic congestion crisis has sparked a significant debate around the implementation of permanent work from home policies. While WFH offers relief from traffic woes, concerns about moonlighting and the importance of in-person collaboration have surfaced. Striking the right balance between remote work and in-office collaboration, coupled with much-needed infrastructure improvements, may be the key to addressing both traffic issues and the evolving needs of the workforce in India’s tech hub.

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