Bank of Baroda in Talks to Sell Stake in Nainital Bank to Zerodha, Multiples, and Premji Invest

Bank of Baroda in Talks to Sell Stake in Nainital Bank to Zerodha, Multiples, and Premji Invest In a strategic move, Bank of Baroda has engaged in discussions with prominent entities, including Zerodha, Multiples, and Premji Invest, to explore the sale of a substantial stake in its subsidiary, Nainital Bank. This development follows recent regulatory approvals for fintech unicorn slice’s proposed merger, highlighting dynamic changes in the financial sector.

Stake Sale Discussions

Bank of Baroda: As a leading public sector bank in India, Bank of Baroda’s decision to explore a stake sale in Nainital Bank reflects its strategic realignment and focus on optimizing its business portfolio.

Potential Buyers: The talks involve discussions with entities such as Zerodha, a prominent stock brokerage firm; Multiples, a private equity firm; and Premji Invest, the investment arm of Wipro’s founder, Azim Premji. These discussions signify the interest of well-established players in the Indian financial landscape to expand their presence through strategic investments.

Rationale: The potential stake sale may be driven by various factors, including a desire to unlock capital, streamline operations, or leverage the expertise of the potential buyers to enhance Nainital Bank’s performance and services.

Context of the Fintech Landscape

This development occurs against the backdrop of a rapidly evolving fintech landscape in India. Regulatory approvals for fintech mergers, such as slice’s recent nod from the Reserve Bank of India (RBI), underscore the changing dynamics and the convergence of traditional banking with the fintech sector.

The financial sector in India is witnessing an increasing number of partnerships, investments, and mergers between traditional financial institutions and fintech firms. These collaborations aim to harness technological advancements and expand the reach of financial services to a broader audience.


Bank of Baroda’s discussions regarding the potential sale of a significant stake in Nainital Bank to entities like Zerodha, Multiples, and Premji Invest exemplify the evolving landscape of financial services in India. As traditional banks explore strategic options to optimize their operations and capitalize on emerging opportunities, collaborations and investments with fintech and financial sector entities are expected to continue reshaping the industry. This development underscores the importance of adaptability and innovation in the dynamic world of finance.

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