Top 10 Water Tech Startups in India

Top 10 Water Tech Startups in India

Discover the top 10 Water Tech startups in India transforming water management with innovative solutions. From smart water meters to solar-powered purification systems, learn how these startups are addressing water scarcity, improving quality, and promoting sustainability. Explore their founders, innovations, and impacts in this comprehensive overview.

Water is a precious resource, and with growing population pressures and climate change, managing water resources efficiently has become critical. India, with its vast population and diverse geography, faces unique challenges in water management. Fortunately, the country is also home to a burgeoning Water Tech sector. Here are the top 10 Water Tech startups in India that are making significant strides in solving water-related issues through innovation and technology.

1. Fluid Robotics

Founder(s)Nikhil Kurele, Nidhi Jain
InnovationsRobotic systems for sewer inspection and cleaning, data analytics for water quality monitoring.
ImpactImproving water quality, reducing contamination risks, optimizing water infrastructure maintenance.
Fluid Robotics – Top 10 Water Tech Startups in India

Overview: Fluid Robotics, founded in 2016 and headquartered in Mumbai, specializes in robotic systems and data analytics for water and wastewater management. They focus on inspection and cleaning of sewers and pipelines using advanced robotics.

Innovations: The startup has developed robotic technologies capable of autonomously navigating and cleaning underground pipelines, reducing the need for manual intervention and enhancing efficiency. Their systems provide real-time data on pipeline conditions and water quality, aiding municipalities and industries in proactive maintenance and contamination prevention.

Impact: Fluid Robotics’ innovations contribute significantly to improving water quality and reducing contamination risks in urban and industrial settings. By automating and enhancing the efficiency of sewer and pipeline management, they help in maintaining critical infrastructure and ensuring sustainable water resources.

2. WEGoT Utility Solutions

WEGoT Utility Solutions - Top 10 Water Tech Startups in India
WEGoT Utility Solutions – Top 10 Water Tech Startups in India
Founder(s)Abilash Haridass, Sathish Kumar
InnovationsIoT-based smart water management systems, smart water meters and sensors for real-time monitoring and leak detection.
ImpactPromoting water conservation, optimizing water usage, reducing operational costs for consumers and industries.
WEGoT Utility Solutions – Top 10 Water Tech Startups in India

Overview: Established in 2015 and based in Chennai, WEGoT Utility Solutions focuses on IoT-based smart water management systems. They provide solutions for residential complexes, commercial buildings, and industries to monitor and manage water consumption effectively.

Innovations: WEGoT offers smart water meters and sensors that enable real-time monitoring of water usage, leak detection, and predictive maintenance. Their technology utilizes IoT to provide actionable insights into water consumption patterns, helping users optimize water usage and reduce wastage.

Impact: By promoting water conservation and efficient management practices, WEGoT contributes to reducing water bills for consumers and conserving water resources at a larger scale. Their technology aids in sustainable urban development by improving water infrastructure efficiency and reliability.

3. Swajal

Founder(s)Vibha Tripathi
InnovationsSolar-powered water purification systems, decentralized water purification units.
ImpactProviding clean drinking water, sustainable water solutions for rural and urban communities.
Swajal – Top 10 Water Tech Startups in India

Overview: Swajal, founded in 2014 and headquartered in Gurgaon, specializes in solar-powered water purification systems. They focus on providing clean drinking water solutions through decentralized purification units.

Innovations: Swajal’s systems utilize solar energy to power water purification processes, making them suitable for off-grid and rural areas where access to clean water is limited. Their decentralized approach ensures reliability and sustainability by reducing dependence on centralized water supply systems.

Impact: The startup has made significant strides in improving access to safe drinking water in rural and underserved communities. By leveraging renewable energy and innovative purification technologies, Swajal contributes to public health improvement and environmental sustainability.

4. Uravu Labs

Uravu Labs – Top 10 Water Tech Startups in India

Founder(s)Swapnil Shrivastav, Shantam Arora
InnovationsAtmospheric water generation technology, renewable energy-driven water extraction from air.
ImpactAddressing water scarcity, providing decentralized water provisioning solutions.
Uravu Labs – Top 10 Water Tech Startups in India

Overview: Founded in 2017 and based in Bangalore, Uravu Labs specializes in atmospheric water generation technology. They create drinking water from ambient air using renewable energy sources.

Innovations: Uravu’s technology extracts water vapor from the atmosphere through renewable energy-driven processes. Their systems are scalable and designed to operate in regions with low humidity, providing a sustainable solution to water scarcity.

Impact: By harnessing atmospheric water generation, Uravu Labs addresses water scarcity challenges in arid and water-stressed regions. Their innovations offer a decentralized and eco-friendly approach to water provisioning, promoting resilience to climate change impacts.

5. Aqverium

Founder(s)Sandeep Patnaik
InnovationsIoT, AI, and cloud computing-based smart water management systems, real-time data analytics for water distribution optimization.
ImpactImproving water infrastructure efficiency, reducing water wastage, supporting sustainable water management practices.
Aqverium – Top 10 Water Tech Startups in India

Overview: Aqverium, founded in 2018 and based in Pune, offers smart water management solutions using IoT, AI, and cloud computing technologies. They cater to industrial, municipal, and residential sectors.

Innovations: Aqverium integrates IoT sensors and AI algorithms to monitor and optimize water distribution networks. Their platform provides real-time data analytics for leak detection, water quality monitoring, and predictive maintenance.

Impact: The startup enhances operational efficiency for water utilities and industries by minimizing water losses and improving infrastructure reliability. Aqverium’s innovations contribute to sustainable water resource management and cost savings for their clients.

6. InnoDI Water Technologies

Founder(s)Muthu Kumaran
InnovationsDecentralized water purification using advanced electrochemical processes.
ImpactProviding safe drinking water solutions, scalable technology for diverse water quality challenges.
InnoDI Water Technologies – Top 10 Water Tech Startups in India

Overview: InnoDI Water Technologies, established in 2016 and based in Chennai, focuses on decentralized water purification using advanced electrochemical processes.

Innovations: The startup’s purification systems employ electrochemical technologies to remove contaminants and pathogens from water efficiently. Their solutions are scalable and designed for both rural and urban settings.

Impact: InnoDI’s innovations provide safe and clean drinking water solutions, particularly in areas with unreliable or contaminated water sources. Their decentralized approach improves water accessibility and quality, promoting public health and community well-being.

7. Smaart Water

Founder(s)Aditya Kulkarni
InnovationsIoT and AI-driven water management solutions, water quality monitoring, leak detection, predictive maintenance.
ImpactEnhancing water service delivery, optimizing water infrastructure, promoting efficient water resource management.
Smaart Water – Top 10 Water Tech Startups in India

Overview: Smaart Water, founded in 2017 and headquartered in Bangalore, offers comprehensive water management solutions leveraging IoT and AI technologies.

Innovations: The startup’s platform monitors water quality parameters, detects leaks, and provides predictive maintenance for water infrastructure. Their AI-driven analytics optimize operational efficiencies and reduce water wastage.

Impact: Smaart Water’s innovations improve water service delivery and infrastructure reliability for municipalities and industries. By enhancing monitoring and management capabilities, they support sustainable water use practices and environmental conservation.

8. Riversand Technologies

Founder(s)Not specified
InnovationsBiotechnology and traditional knowledge-based river and lake rejuvenation projects.
ImpactRestoring water bodies, enhancing water quality, supporting local ecosystem health.
Riversand Technologies – Top 10 Water Tech Startups in India

Overview: Established in 2019 and based in Hyderabad, Riversand Technologies focuses on river and lake rejuvenation projects using biotechnology and traditional knowledge.

Innovations: The startup implements eco-friendly techniques to clean and restore water bodies, enhancing water quality and biodiversity. Their projects integrate biotechnological solutions for sustainable ecosystem management.

Impact: Riversand Technologies’ initiatives contribute to restoring natural water resources and supporting local communities dependent on these ecosystems. Their innovations promote ecological balance and sustainable water use practices.

9. SmartTerra

Founder(s)Not specified
InnovationsAI and machine learning for optimizing water distribution networks, predictive analytics for infrastructure management.
ImpactImproving operational efficiency, reducing water losses, supporting sustainable urban water management.
SmartTerra – Top 10 Water Tech Startups in India

Overview: SmartTerra, founded in 2018 and based in Mumbai, utilizes AI and machine learning to optimize water distribution networks.

Innovations: The startup’s platform analyzes data on water flow, pressure, and quality to optimize network performance and detect anomalies. Their predictive analytics enhance operational efficiencies and infrastructure reliability.

Impact: SmartTerra’s technologies enable water utilities to reduce operational costs, improve service delivery, and respond proactively to network challenges. Their innovations support sustainable urban water management practices.

10. NirNal

Founder(s)Not specified
InnovationsPortable water filtration solutions for clean drinking water, advanced filtration technologies.
ImpactProviding safe drinking water in rural areas, emergency situations, and for travelers, promoting health and well-being.
NirNal – Top 10 Water Tech Startups in India

Overview: NirNal, founded in 2017 and headquartered in Bangalore, specializes in portable water filtration solutions for clean drinking water.

Innovations: The startup’s portable filters use advanced filtration technologies to remove contaminants from water, making it safe for drinking in diverse environments. Their products are designed for ease of use and effectiveness.

Impact: NirNal’s portable filtration solutions provide a reliable source of clean drinking water in rural areas, during emergencies, and for travelers. Their innovations promote health and well-being by ensuring access to safe drinking water.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Water Tech Startups in India

1. What is WaterTech?

  • WaterTech refers to the application of technology and innovation to address challenges related to water management, conservation, purification, and distribution.

2. Why are WaterTech startups important in India?

  • WaterTech startups play a crucial role in India due to the country’s diverse water challenges, including scarcity, pollution, and inefficient management. These startups bring innovative solutions to improve water quality, accessibility, and sustainability.

3. How do WaterTech startups contribute to water conservation?

  • WaterTech startups promote water conservation through technologies such as IoT-based monitoring systems, smart meters for leak detection, and advanced purification technologies that minimize water wastage and optimize usage.

4. What are some common innovations among these startups?

  • Innovations include robotic systems for sewer cleaning (Fluid Robotics), solar-powered water purification systems (Swajal), atmospheric water generation technology (Uravu Labs), and AI-driven water management platforms (Aqverium, Smaart Water).

5. How do these startups impact rural areas in India?

  • Startups like Swajal and NirNal focus on providing clean drinking water solutions specifically tailored for rural communities, utilizing decentralized purification systems and portable filtration technologies.

6. What are the environmental benefits of these startups’ technologies?

  • Technologies such as biotechnology-based rejuvenation projects (Riversand Technologies) and renewable energy-powered water extraction (Uravu Labs) contribute to environmental sustainability by reducing energy consumption and promoting eco-friendly water management practices.

7. How do these startups contribute to sustainable development goals (SDGs)?

  • Many startups align their missions with SDG 6 (Clean Water and Sanitation) by improving water quality, ensuring access to safe drinking water, and promoting efficient water use, thereby contributing to broader sustainable development efforts.

8. What are the challenges faced by WaterTech startups in India?

  • Challenges include regulatory hurdles, funding limitations for scaling operations, technological adoption barriers in rural areas, and the need for continuous innovation to address evolving water management needs.

9. How can individuals and organizations support these WaterTech startups?

  • Support can be provided through partnerships, investments, adoption of technologies in residential and industrial settings, and advocacy for policies that promote sustainable water management practices.

10. What is the future outlook for WaterTech startups in India?

  • The future looks promising with increasing awareness about water conservation, advancements in technology adoption, and growing investment in sustainable development. WaterTech startups are expected to play a vital role in shaping India’s water security landscape.


The Water Tech startups in India are addressing some of the most pressing water-related challenges with innovative solutions. From smart water management systems to clean drinking water technologies, these startups are paving the way for a sustainable future. As they continue to grow and scale their solutions, they hold the promise of making a significant impact on India’s water ecosystem and beyond.

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