Top 10 GreenTech Startups in India

Top 10 GreenTech Startups in India

Discover the top 10 GreenTech startups in India driving innovation and sustainability with cutting-edge technologies in renewable energy, electric vehicles, waste management, and more. Learn about their founders, groundbreaking solutions, and significant impacts on the environment and economy. Explore how these startups are shaping a greener future for India and beyond.

India, a country with a rapidly growing economy and population, faces significant environmental challenges, including pollution, deforestation, and climate change. In response, a burgeoning sector of GreenTech startups has emerged, focusing on sustainable technologies and innovative solutions to address these issues. Here are the top 10 GreenTech startups in India that are making a significant impact

1. Gegadyne Energy

Gegadyne Energy - Top 10 GreenTech Startups in India - Top 10 Cleantech Startups in India
Gegadyne Energy – Top 10 GreenTech Startups in India
Founder(s)Jubin Varghese, Ameya Gadiwan
FocusEnergy storage solutions
InnovationsFast-charging carbon-based battery technology
ImpactEnhances energy storage efficiency, supports EV adoption and renewable energy integration
Gegadyne Energy – Top 10 GreenTech Startups in India

Overview: Gegadyne Energy, based in Mumbai, specializes in energy storage solutions with a focus on electric vehicle (EV) batteries and grid storage systems.

Innovations: Their proprietary battery technology, utilizing a carbon-based material, enables faster charging times and longer battery life compared to conventional lithium-ion batteries. This innovation is crucial for accelerating EV adoption and integrating renewable energy sources into the grid.

Impact: By improving energy storage efficiency, Gegadyne Energy contributes to reducing reliance on fossil fuels and lowering greenhouse gas emissions associated with energy generation and transportation. Their technology also enhances energy access and reliability, particularly in remote or off-grid areas.

2. Carbon Clean Solutions

Carbon Clean Solutions - Top 10 GreenTech Startups in India
Carbon Clean Solutions – Top 10 GreenTech Startups in India
Founder(s)Aniruddha Sharma, Prateek Bumb
FocusCarbon capture and utilization
InnovationsCost-effective solvent technology for CO2 capture
ImpactReduces CO2 emissions from industries, supports carbon neutrality goals
Carbon Clean Solutions – Top 10 GreenTech Startups in India

Overview: Carbon Clean Solutions, headquartered in Mumbai, specializes in carbon capture and utilization (CCU) technologies.

Innovations: They have developed a cost-effective carbon capture technology that integrates with industrial processes to capture CO2 emissions. Their solution includes a unique solvent technology that reduces the energy requirements and costs associated with carbon capture.

Impact: By capturing CO2 emissions from industries such as steel, cement, and power generation, Carbon Clean Solutions helps mitigate climate change by preventing greenhouse gases from entering the atmosphere. Their technology supports industries in achieving carbon neutrality targets and complying with environmental regulations.

3. Ather Energy

Ather Energy - Top 10 GreenTech Startups in India
Ather Energy – Top 10 GreenTech Startups in India
Founder(s)Tarun Mehta, Swapnil Jain
FocusElectric vehicles
InnovationsSmart electric scooters, AtherGrid charging network
ImpactPromotes zero-emission transportation, reduces urban air pollution
Ather Energy – Top 10 GreenTech Startups in India

Overview: Ather Energy, based in Bangalore, is a pioneer in the electric scooter market in India, focusing on smart electric vehicles.

Innovations: Their electric scooters feature advanced lithium-ion batteries, fast charging capabilities, and a connected digital dashboard with navigation and performance analytics. Ather Energy also operates a network of charging infrastructure called AtherGrid.

Impact: Ather Energy contributes to reducing urban air pollution by promoting zero-emission transportation solutions. Their products encourage the adoption of electric vehicles, thereby reducing dependence on fossil fuels and improving air quality in congested urban areas.

4. Chakr Innovation

Chakr Innovation - Top 10 GreenTech Startups in India
Chakr Innovation – Top 10 GreenTech Startups in India
Founder(s)Arpit Dhupar, Kushagra Srivastava
LocationNew Delhi
FocusPollution control
InnovationsConverts diesel emissions into ink
ImpactReduces particulate matter emissions, promotes circular economy
Chakr Innovation – Top 10 GreenTech Startups in India

Overview: Chakr Innovation, headquartered in New Delhi, addresses air pollution through innovative technology solutions.

Innovations: They have developed a device that captures particulate matter emissions from diesel generators and converts them into a raw material used for making ink. This technology provides a dual benefit of reducing air pollution and repurposing waste into a valuable product.

Impact: By capturing particulate emissions, Chakr Innovation helps mitigate health risks associated with air pollution and reduces environmental damage caused by diesel exhaust. Their approach promotes circular economy principles by turning pollutants into a resource, contributing to sustainable industrial practices.

5. Ecozen Solutions

Ecozen Solutions - Top 10 GreenTech Startups in India
Ecozen Solutions – Top 10 GreenTech Startups in India
Founder(s)Devendra Gupta, Prateek Singhal
FocusSustainable agriculture
InnovationsSolar-powered cold storage, irrigation systems
ImpactReduces post-harvest losses, promotes sustainable farming practices
Ecozen Solutions – Top 10 GreenTech Startups in India

Overview: Ecozen Solutions, based in Pune, focuses on sustainable agricultural practices through innovative technology solutions.

Innovations: They provide solar-powered cold storage solutions and irrigation systems for farmers, aimed at reducing post-harvest losses and improving agricultural productivity. Their products are designed to operate efficiently in off-grid rural areas.

Impact: Ecozen Solutions promotes sustainable farming practices by enhancing food security, reducing energy costs for farmers, and minimizing the carbon footprint of agricultural operations. Their technology supports rural development by increasing income opportunities for farmers and improving market access for perishable produce.

6. Biotech India

Founder(s)Dr. M. Ravi, Dr. P. A. Hashim
FocusWaste management, biogas technology
InnovationsBiogas plants for organic waste conversion
ImpactConverts waste into renewable energy, reduces landfill waste
Biotech India – Top 10 GreenTech Startups in India

Overview: Biotech India, located in Thiruvananthapuram, focuses on waste management and renewable energy generation through biogas technology.

Innovations: They specialize in designing and installing biogas plants that convert organic waste into biogas, which can be used for cooking, heating, and electricity generation. Their systems are scalable and suitable for various waste streams.

Impact: By converting organic waste into renewable energy, Biotech India addresses waste management challenges while reducing greenhouse gas emissions from landfills. Their biogas technology promotes sustainable development by providing clean energy solutions and improving sanitation in communities.

7. Log 9 Material

Log 9 Material - Top 10 GreenTech Startups in India
Log 9 Material – Top 10 GreenTech Startups in India
Founder(s)Akshay Singhal
FocusAdvanced materials, clean energy
InnovationsGraphene-based fuel cells, water purification
ImpactEnhances energy efficiency, reduces environmental impact
Log 9 Material – Top 10 GreenTech Startups in India

Overview: Log 9 Materials, based in Bangalore, focuses on developing advanced materials and clean energy solutions using graphene nanotechnology.

Innovations: They have developed innovative fuel cells and water purification systems based on graphene oxide technology, which offer higher efficiency and lower environmental impact compared to traditional technologies.

Impact: Log 9 Materials’ products contribute to improving energy efficiency, reducing pollution, and promoting sustainable manufacturing processes across various industries. Their graphene-based solutions have the potential to revolutionize energy storage, purification technologies, and environmental remediation.

8. TrashCon

Founder(s)M. Ananthraman
FocusWaste segregation technology
InnovationsAutomated waste segregation machines
ImpactOptimizes waste management, promotes recycling and resource recovery
TrashCon – Top 10 GreenTech Startups in India

Overview: TrashCon, headquartered in Bangalore, specializes in waste management solutions through automated waste segregation technology.

Innovations: They have developed automated machines that segregate waste into recyclable and non-recyclable components, optimizing waste management processes and reducing landfill usage.

Impact: TrashCon’s technology promotes efficient waste segregation, recycling, and resource recovery, thereby reducing environmental pollution and conserving natural resources. Their innovations support municipalities and industries in achieving sustainable waste management practices and complying with waste management regulations.

9. Oorjan Cleantech

Oorjan Cleantech - Top 10 GreenTech Startups in India
Oorjan Cleantech – Top 10 GreenTech Startups in India
Founder(s)Gautam Das, Roli Gupta
FocusSolar energy solutions
InnovationsEnd-to-end solar solutions, financing options
ImpactPromotes solar energy adoption, reduces carbon emissions
Oorjan Cleantech – Top 10 GreenTech Startups in India

Overview: Oorjan Cleantech, based in Mumbai, provides comprehensive solar energy solutions for residential and commercial applications.

Innovations: They offer end-to-end services including solar panel installation, financing options, and maintenance services, making solar energy more accessible and affordable for consumers.

Impact: Oorjan Cleantech promotes renewable energy adoption by reducing dependence on fossil fuels and lowering electricity costs for consumers. Their initiatives contribute to reducing carbon emissions, enhancing energy security, and fostering sustainable development in India.

10. GPS Renewables

Founder(s)Srikrishna Sridhar Murthy
FocusBiogas technology
InnovationsScalable biogas plants for organic waste management
ImpactConverts organic waste into biogas, promotes sustainable energy solutions
GPS Renewables – Top 10 GreenTech Startups in India

Overview: GPS Renewables, headquartered in Bangalore, specializes in biogas technology solutions for organic waste management.

Innovations: They provide scalable biogas plants that convert organic waste into biogas and organic fertilizers, catering to diverse sectors including hospitality, agriculture, and urban waste management.

Impact: GPS Renewables’ biogas technology helps reduce organic waste disposal in landfills, mitigates greenhouse gas emissions, and provides a sustainable energy source for various applications. Their solutions promote circular economy principles by closing the loop on waste management and resource utilization.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs) about the top 10 GreenTech startups in India

1. What is GreenTech?

Answer: GreenTech, short for Green Technology, refers to technology and innovations aimed at reducing environmental impact, improving resource efficiency, and promoting sustainability. It encompasses various sectors such as renewable energy, clean transportation, waste management, and sustainable agriculture.

2. Why are GreenTech startups important in India?

Answer: GreenTech startups are crucial in India due to the country’s significant environmental challenges, including air pollution, water scarcity, and carbon emissions. These startups bring innovative solutions to mitigate these issues, promote sustainable development, and support India’s commitment to achieving environmental sustainability goals.

3. How do GreenTech startups contribute to environmental sustainability?

Answer: GreenTech startups contribute to environmental sustainability by developing technologies that reduce greenhouse gas emissions, promote renewable energy adoption, improve resource efficiency, and facilitate sustainable practices in industries such as agriculture, transportation, and waste management.

4. What are some examples of innovations by these GreenTech startups?

Answer: Innovations by these startups include advanced battery technologies for electric vehicles (Gegadyne Energy), carbon capture solutions for industries (Carbon Clean Solutions), smart electric scooters (Ather Energy), waste-to-ink technology (Chakr Innovation), solar-powered agricultural solutions (Ecozen Solutions), and graphene-based clean energy products (Log 9 Materials), among others.

5. How do GreenTech startups impact society and the economy?

Answer: GreenTech startups create positive impacts by reducing pollution, improving public health (by reducing air and water pollution), creating green jobs, enhancing energy security, lowering energy costs through renewable energy adoption, and promoting sustainable economic growth by fostering innovation and entrepreneurship.

6. What are the challenges faced by GreenTech startups in India?

Answer: Challenges include high initial capital costs, regulatory hurdles, limited infrastructure for testing and scaling technologies, consumer awareness and adoption barriers, and competition from conventional technologies. Overcoming these challenges requires strong government support, strategic partnerships, and innovative business models.

7. How can individuals and businesses support GreenTech initiatives?

Answer: Individuals and businesses can support GreenTech initiatives by adopting sustainable practices such as using renewable energy sources, investing in energy-efficient technologies, recycling and reducing waste, supporting local GreenTech startups through partnerships or investments, and advocating for policies that promote environmental sustainability.

8. What is the future outlook for GreenTech startups in India?

Answer: The future looks promising for GreenTech startups in India, driven by increasing awareness of environmental issues, government initiatives promoting clean technologies, growing investor interest in sustainable ventures, and advancements in technology. These startups are expected to play a significant role in India’s transition to a low-carbon economy and global leadership in GreenTech innovation.

9. How can GreenTech startups scale their impact?

Answer: GreenTech startups can scale their impact by focusing on scalability and cost-effectiveness of their technologies, forming strategic partnerships with industry stakeholders, leveraging government incentives and policies supporting clean technologies, investing in research and development for continuous innovation, and expanding market reach through effective marketing and distribution channels.

10. Where can I learn more about these GreenTech startups?

Answer: You can learn more about these GreenTech startups by visiting their official websites, following them on social media platforms, reading industry reports and news articles, attending conferences and seminars on GreenTech and sustainability, and exploring collaborations or investment opportunities with these innovative companies.


Each of these GreenTech startups in India is driving innovation and sustainability in their respective fields. From renewable energy and electric vehicles to waste management and pollution control, these companies are not only pioneering new technologies but also making a significant impact on environmental conservation and sustainable development. As they continue to grow and expand their influence, these startups are poised to play a crucial role in shaping a greener and more sustainable future, not only in India but globally as well.

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