DuckDuckGo Unveils DuckAssist, an AI-Powered Wikipedia Summary Tool

DuckDuckGo, the privacy-centric search engine, is expanding its capabilities by integrating artificial intelligence (AI) into its platform. The company has launched a beta version of DuckAssist, a new tool that generates summaries of information sourced from Wikipedia in response to specific queries.

Currently available only through DuckDuckGo’s mobile apps and browser extensions, the tool uses language models from OpenAI and Anthropic, which are supported by Google, to provide answers to user questions. Despite this, DuckDuckGo assures users that it will maintain its commitment to privacy and not disclose any personally identifiable information to these firms. The company also pledges not to use anonymous queries to train its models.

With DuckAssist, DuckDuckGo aims to provide its users with a more convenient and streamlined search experience. However, the company emphasizes that it will continue to prioritize user privacy and data protection as it expands its offerings.

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