Zomato’s Vision for AI Innovation Head of Generative AI Leading the Charge

Zomato’s Vision for AI Innovation Head of Generative AI Leading the Charge Zomato, a leading player in the food delivery and restaurant discovery industry, is actively investing in artificial intelligence (AI) innovation to enhance user engagement and experience. Spearheading these efforts is Vaibhav Bhutani, the Head of Generative AI at Zomato, who is at the forefront of developing cutting-edge use cases to revolutionize the platform.

Dedicated Role of Head of Generative AI:

Zomato’s commitment to staying at the forefront of technological advancements is evident in its creation of a dedicated role – the Head of Generative AI, currently led by Vaibhav Bhutani. This strategic move reflects the company’s recognition of the transformative potential of AI in shaping the future of the food delivery and restaurant discovery industry.

Multi-Agent System for Food Recommendations:

One of the key projects under Vaibhav Bhutani’s leadership is the development of a multi-agent system aimed at suggesting food options. This innovative approach involves leveraging generative AI to create a dynamic and intelligent recommendation system. By employing multiple agents, Zomato aims to enhance the accuracy and personalization of food recommendations, catering to the diverse tastes and preferences of its users.

User Engagement and Experience Enhancement:

Beyond personalized food suggestions, Zomato’s AI initiatives, led by the Head of Generative AI, also focus on elevating user engagement and overall experience. The goal is to leverage AI technologies to create a seamless and enjoyable journey for users, from browsing restaurant options to placing orders.

Mission: Powering India’s Changing Lifestyles:

Zomato has positioned itself with a mission to “power India’s changing lifestyles,” and its investment in AI aligns with this vision. By integrating advanced technologies into its platform, Zomato aims to keep pace with the evolving needs and preferences of its users, offering not only a service but an adaptive and personalized solution that aligns with the dynamic lifestyles of its customer base.


Zomato’s strategic emphasis on AI, exemplified by the dedicated role of the Head of Generative AI and the ongoing projects led by Vaibhav Bhutani, underscores the company’s commitment to staying ahead in the competitive landscape of food delivery and restaurant discovery. As Zomato continues to pioneer AI-driven innovations, users can anticipate a more personalized, engaging, and efficient experience, reflecting the company’s vision of being a transformative force in shaping the way people interact with food services in the rapidly evolving digital age.

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