USB-C Battery Packs Not Charging iPhone 15 Properly Anker Investigates

USB-C Battery Packs Not Charging iPhone 15 Properly Anker Investigates Recent reports suggest that some USB-C battery packs are encountering issues when charging Apple’s iPhone 15. Users have found that the only reliable way to charge their iPhones is by using the USB-A port on these battery packs. In response to these concerns, Anker, a prominent manufacturer of charging accessories, has taken the initiative to conduct further tests on its power banks to determine if this issue is widespread and to seek potential solutions.

The iPhone 15 Charging Issue

With the release of the iPhone 15, Apple introduced various enhancements, including a USB-C port, to improve charging efficiency and data transfer speeds. However, it appears that not all USB-C battery packs on the market are compatible with this new iPhone model. Users have reported that when attempting to charge their iPhone 15 using the USB-C port on certain battery packs, they encounter issues such as slow charging, intermittent charging, or no charging at all.

USB-A as a Workaround

Given the difficulties users have faced when using the USB-C port on these battery packs, many have resorted to using the traditional USB-A port instead. While this workaround allows them to charge their iPhones, it negates the advantages of USB-C technology, including faster charging speeds and bidirectional power delivery.

Anker’s Response

Recognizing the importance of addressing this issue promptly, Anker has pledged to investigate the compatibility of its power banks with the iPhone 15. The company is committed to ensuring that its products function seamlessly with the latest Apple devices and meet customer expectations. Anker’s plan of action includes:

Comprehensive Testing: Anker will conduct thorough testing on all of its power banks to identify any compatibility issues with the iPhone 15. This testing will encompass various scenarios, charging conditions, and firmware updates.

Customer Feedback: Anker encourages customers who have experienced issues charging their iPhone 15 with Anker power banks to provide feedback. This feedback will be instrumental in pinpointing the exact nature of the problem and finding potential solutions.

Firmware Updates: If the issue is found to be related to firmware compatibility, Anker will work to develop and release updates that rectify the problem. These updates can be easily installed by users to improve the compatibility of their power banks.

Communication: Anker is committed to transparent communication with its customers. The company will provide regular updates on its findings and the progress made in resolving the issue. This will keep users informed and engaged throughout the process.


The issue of certain USB-C battery packs not charging the iPhone 15 properly is a matter of concern for both consumers and manufacturers. Anker’s proactive response to investigate and resolve this issue demonstrates its dedication to customer satisfaction and product quality. As the investigation progresses and potential solutions are identified, users can expect a more seamless charging experience for their iPhone 15 when using Anker power banks. This case serves as a reminder of the importance of ongoing compatibility testing in the rapidly evolving world of technology.

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