UAS-Bengaluru Innovates Eco-Friendly Raw Milk Cooling Unit for Small Dairy Farmers

UAS-Bengaluru Innovates Eco-Friendly Raw Milk Cooling Unit for Small Dairy Farmers In a significant stride towards supporting small dairy farmers, the University of Agricultural Sciences, Bengaluru (UAS-Bengaluru), has developed a groundbreaking low-cost and eco-friendly raw milk cooling unit. This mini cooling device, with a five-litre capacity, operates on electricity or a 12-volt battery, offering an accessible solution for dairy farmers to preserve the quality of their milk and reduce spoilage.

Key Features of the Cooling Unit

Low-Cost Solution: UAS-Bengaluru’s raw milk cooling unit stands out for its affordability, catering specifically to the needs of small dairy farmers who may face budget constraints. The cost-effective nature of the unit ensures wider accessibility within the agricultural community.

Versatile Power Options: The cooling unit is designed to operate on both electricity and a 12-volt battery. This flexibility enables farmers, especially those in areas with unreliable power infrastructure, to utilize alternative power sources, ensuring continuous functionality and reliability.

Solid-State Cooling Module: Utilizing the Peltier Effect, the cooling unit employs a solid-state cooling module. This technology not only enhances energy efficiency but also eliminates the emission of harmful gases, aligning with eco-friendly practices and sustainability principles.

Spoilage Reduction: The primary objective of the raw milk cooling unit is to help small dairy farmers bring down the temperature of milk swiftly. By doing so, the device plays a crucial role in minimizing spoilage, ensuring that farmers can maintain the quality and market value of their produce.

Technological Innovation: The Peltier Effect

The solid-state cooling module operates on the Peltier Effect, a thermoelectric phenomenon that allows for efficient temperature control. This technology is renowned for its reliability and lack of environmental impact, making it an ideal choice for the development of eco-friendly solutions.

Impact on Small Dairy Farming

UAS-Bengaluru’s initiative addresses a critical need in the agricultural sector, particularly for small-scale dairy farmers who often lack access to advanced cooling infrastructure. The introduction of an affordable and eco-friendly cooling unit empowers farmers to adopt better milk preservation practices, ultimately contributing to increased productivity and income generation.

Future Prospects

As this innovation gains recognition, there is potential for scalability and adaptation in various agricultural regions. UAS-Bengaluru’s commitment to practical, sustainable solutions exemplifies the positive impact that academic institutions can have on addressing real-world challenges in the agricultural sector.


UAS-Bengaluru’s development of a low-cost, eco-friendly raw milk cooling unit is a testament to the potential of technological innovation in addressing the specific needs of small dairy farmers. This advancement not only showcases the institution’s commitment to agricultural sustainability but also highlights the transformative power of research and development in fostering positive change within local communities.

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