India, with its rich cultural heritage, diverse landscapes, and historical landmarks, is a top travel destination. Navigating through the myriad of travel options can be daunting, which is where travel agencies step in, providing expertise, convenience, and personalized travel experiences. Here’s a look at the top 10 travel agencies in India that have garnered a reputation for excellence in service and customer satisfaction.

1. Thomas Cook India

Founder(s)Thomas Cook
LocationMumbai, India
WebsiteThomas Cook India
Additional InfoOffers holiday packages, forex services, travel insurance, and visa services. Known for its legacy and extensive network in India and abroad.
Thomas Cook India – Top 10 Travel Agencies in India

Overview: Founded in 1881, Thomas Cook India is a pioneer in the travel industry, offering a comprehensive range of travel services. From holiday packages and forex services to travel insurance and visa assistance, Thomas Cook caters to both domestic and international travelers.


  • Digital Transformation: Embracing digital platforms for seamless booking experiences and customer engagement.
  • Personalization: Tailoring travel packages to meet specific customer preferences and needs.

Impact: Thomas Cook India’s extensive network and legacy ensure reliability and trustworthiness among travelers. Its digital initiatives have streamlined the booking process, making travel planning more accessible and convenient.

2. Cox & Kings

Founder(s)Richard Cox
LocationMumbai, India
WebsiteCox & Kings
Additional InfoOne of the oldest travel companies globally. Offers luxury holidays, educational tours, and corporate travel solutions. Known for its heritage and premium travel experiences.
Cox & Kings – Top 10 Travel Agencies in India

Overview: Established in 1758, Cox & Kings holds the distinction of being one of the oldest travel companies globally. It offers a wide array of travel services, including luxury holidays, corporate travel solutions, and educational tours.


  • Luxury Travel Experiences: Curating bespoke travel experiences that cater to affluent travelers.
  • Educational Tourism: Developing specialized programs that combine learning with travel experiences.

Impact: Cox & Kings’ rich heritage and global presence have set benchmarks in luxury and educational travel. Its focus on experiential learning and luxury travel has made it a preferred choice for discerning travelers seeking unique experiences.

3. MakeMyTrip

Founder(s)Deep Kalra
LocationGurugram, India
Additional InfoOnline travel booking platform offering flights, hotels, holiday packages, and train reservations. Known for pioneering online travel booking in India and extensive customer base.
MakeMyTrip – Top 10 Travel Agencies in India

Overview: Founded in 2000, MakeMyTrip revolutionized the Indian travel industry with its online booking platform. It offers flights, hotels, holiday packages, and train reservations, catering to diverse travel needs.


  • Online Booking Platform: Providing a user-friendly interface for seamless booking and payment processes.
  • Mobile App Integration: Offering mobile solutions for on-the-go travel planning and bookings.

Impact: MakeMyTrip’s online platform has democratized travel booking in India, empowering travelers with choice and convenience. Its technological innovations have set standards for online travel agencies, making it a market leader in the digital travel space.

4. Yatra

Founder(s)Dhruv Shringi, Sabina Chopra, Manish Amin
LocationGurugram, India
Additional InfoOffers flights, hotels, holiday packages, and bus bookings. Known for competitive pricing and user-friendly booking platform.
Yatra – Top 10 Travel Agencies in India

Overview: Yatra, founded in 2006, is renowned for its comprehensive travel solutions, including flights, hotels, holiday packages, and bus bookings. It caters to both individual and corporate travelers.


  • Affordable Travel Options: Curating budget-friendly travel packages without compromising on quality.
  • Customer Loyalty Programs: Offering rewards and discounts to enhance customer retention.

Impact: Yatra’s focus on affordability and customer-centric services has made it a popular choice among budget-conscious travelers. Its loyalty programs and competitive pricing strategies have contributed to its steady growth and customer satisfaction.

5. SOTC Travel

Founder(s)Kuoni Group
LocationMumbai, India
WebsiteSOTC Travel
Additional InfoSpecializes in customized holiday packages, group tours, and MICE services. Known for its extensive network and customer-centric travel solutions.
SOTC Travel – Top 10 Travel Agencies in India

Overview: SOTC Travel, part of the Kuoni Travel Group, has been a trusted name in the travel industry since 1949. It specializes in customized holiday packages, escorted group tours, and MICE (Meetings, Incentives, Conferences, and Exhibitions) services.


  • Customized Tours: Tailoring travel experiences to meet specific customer preferences and interests.
  • Technology Integration: Using digital platforms for itinerary management and customer engagement.

Impact: SOTC Travel’s expertise in group travel and personalized services has earned it a reputation for reliability and customer satisfaction. Its adoption of technology has enhanced service delivery, ensuring seamless travel experiences for its clientele.

6. Kesari Tours

Founder(s)Kesari Patil
LocationPune, India
WebsiteKesari Tours
Additional InfoSpecializes in guided tours across India and abroad. Offers family tours, student specials, and senior citizen tours. Known for its comprehensive tour packages and customer service.
Kesari Tours – Top 10 Travel Agencies in India

Overview: Founded in 1984, Kesari Tours specializes in guided tours across India and abroad. It offers a wide range of tour packages, including family tours, student specials, and senior citizen tours.


  • Specialized Tour Packages: Developing niche tour programs tailored to specific demographics.
  • Destination Expertise: Providing in-depth knowledge and guidance on popular and offbeat travel destinations.

Impact: Kesari Tours’ commitment to catering to diverse traveler segments has solidified its position as a leading tour operator in India. Its focus on customer satisfaction and destination expertise has garnered a loyal customer base over the years.

7. Club Mahindra Holidays

Founder(s)Mahindra Group
LocationMumbai, India
WebsiteClub Mahindra
Additional InfoOffers vacation ownership options and holiday packages. Known for its family-oriented resorts and membership benefits.
Club Mahindra Holidays – Top 10 Travel Agencies in India

Overview: Club Mahindra Holidays, a part of the Mahindra Group, offers vacation ownership options and holiday packages across a network of resorts in India and abroad.


  • Vacation Ownership: Introducing a unique model where customers can own vacation time at resorts.
  • Family-oriented Experiences: Curating activities and amenities that cater to family vacations.

Impact: Club Mahindra’s vacation ownership model has revolutionized the way families plan and experience holidays. Its family-centric approach and resort network have made it a preferred choice for family vacations and long-term holiday planning.

8. Travelguru

Founder(s)Ashwin Damera, Ganesh Rengaswamy
LocationMumbai, India
Additional InfoOnline travel agency specializing in hotel bookings and holiday packages. Known for its extensive hotel network and competitive pricing.
Travelguru – Top 10 Travel Agencies in India

Overview: Travelguru is a leading online travel agency in India, specializing in hotel bookings and holiday packages. It offers a vast inventory of hotels across India and international destinations.


  • Hotel Aggregation: Partnering with a diverse range of hotels to offer extensive choices to travelers.
  • Dynamic Packaging: Allowing customers to customize travel packages with flights, hotels, and activities.

Impact: Travelguru’s extensive hotel network and dynamic packaging options have made it a go-to platform for accommodation bookings. Its commitment to quality and customer satisfaction has enhanced the travel planning experience for individuals and corporate travelers alike.

9. Cleartrip

Founder(s)Stuart Crighton, Hrush Bhatt
LocationMumbai, India
Additional InfoOffers flights, hotels, trains, and activities. Known for its transparent pricing and user-friendly interface for travel bookings.
Cleartrip – Top 10 Travel Agencies in India

Overview: Cleartrip, founded in 2006, is known for its simple and efficient travel booking platform. It offers flights, hotels, trains, and activities, focusing on transparency and ease of use.


  • Transparent Pricing: Displaying comprehensive fare details and booking conditions upfront.
  • Mobile-first Approach: Developing mobile apps for seamless travel planning and bookings.

Impact: Cleartrip’s user-friendly interface and transparent pricing have earned it a loyal customer base. Its mobile-first approach has catered to the growing trend of mobile bookings, making travel planning accessible anytime, anywhere.

10. Expedia India

Founder(s)Rich Barton, Lloyd Frink
LocationBellevue, Washington, United States (Global HQ)
WebsiteExpedia India
Additional InfoPart of the global Expedia Group. Offers flights, hotels, car rentals, and holiday packages. Known for its global reach and dynamic packaging options.
Expedia India – Top 10 Travel Agencies in India

Overview: Expedia India, part of the global Expedia Group, offers a wide range of travel services, including flights, hotels, car rentals, and holiday packages.


  • Global Reach: Leveraging Expedia’s global network to offer international travel solutions.
  • Dynamic Packaging: Allowing customers to bundle flights and hotels for cost savings.

Impact: Expedia India’s global network and dynamic packaging options have provided travelers with flexibility and choice in their travel planning. Its seamless booking process and comprehensive travel offerings cater to both leisure and business travelers, enhancing travel experiences across destinations.

FAQs about Top 10 Travel Agencies in India

1. What services do these travel agencies offer?

  • These travel agencies offer a wide range of services including flight bookings, hotel accommodations, holiday packages (both domestic and international), travel insurance, visa assistance, and more. Some also specialize in niche services like luxury travel, educational tours, and group travel arrangements.

2. How can I book with these travel agencies?

  • Booking with these agencies can typically be done through their websites, mobile apps, or by visiting their physical offices. They provide user-friendly platforms where travelers can search for flights, hotels, and holiday packages, compare prices, and make reservations securely.

3. Are these travel agencies reliable?

  • Yes, these travel agencies are known for their reliability and reputation in the industry. They have been serving customers for years and have built trust through their transparent pricing, excellent customer service, and comprehensive travel solutions.

4. What are the benefits of using a travel agency?

  • Using a travel agency offers several benefits such as:
    • Expertise: Travel agents have in-depth knowledge of destinations and can recommend the best places to visit.
    • Convenience: They handle all travel logistics, saving you time and effort.
    • Personalization: Many agencies offer customized travel packages tailored to your preferences and budget.
    • Support: They provide assistance before, during, and after your trip, ensuring a smooth travel experience.

5. How do I choose the right travel agency for my needs?

  • Consider factors such as the type of travel you prefer (luxury, budget-friendly, group tours), the destinations you wish to visit, the agency’s reputation and customer reviews, their range of services, and their expertise in handling specific types of travel (family vacations, solo trips, corporate travel).

6. Are these travel agencies suitable for corporate travel needs?

  • Yes, several of these agencies specialize in corporate travel management. They offer services like arranging business trips, handling group bookings, organizing conferences and events (MICE), and providing specialized corporate travel solutions.

7. Do these agencies offer customer support?

  • Yes, all these travel agencies provide customer support through various channels such as phone, email, live chat, and in-person assistance at their offices. They ensure that customers receive prompt assistance regarding bookings, travel changes, cancellations, and any other queries or concerns.

8. Can I get travel deals and discounts through these agencies?

  • Yes, many of these agencies regularly offer travel deals, discounts, and promotional offers on flights, hotels, and holiday packages. Signing up for their newsletters or following them on social media can help you stay updated on the latest deals.

9. What should I do if I have an issue with my booking or travel arrangements?

  • If you encounter any issues with your booking or travel arrangements, contact the travel agency’s customer support immediately. They are equipped to assist you and resolve any problems efficiently. It’s advisable to keep all booking details and communications handy for reference.

10. How can I stay informed about travel advisories and safety guidelines?

  • Stay informed about travel advisories and safety guidelines by regularly checking official government travel websites, the travel agency’s updates, and reputable news sources. Travel agencies often provide updates on travel restrictions, health advisories, and safety measures to ensure travelers are well-informed before their trips.


These top 10 travel agencies in India have not only simplified travel planning but also pioneered innovations that have reshaped the industry. From digital transformation and online booking platforms to personalized travel experiences and vacation ownership models, these agencies continue to set benchmarks in customer service and satisfaction. Whether you’re planning a luxury vacation, a budget-friendly getaway, or a corporate retreat, these agencies offer the expertise and resources to ensure memorable travel experiences in India and beyond.

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