Secures $12.4 Million in Funding with Matrix Partners India's Support Secures $12.4 Million in Funding with Matrix Partners India’s Support, a leading software provider for IT management services, has successfully raised $12.4 million in its latest funding round. This round also saw continued support from early backer Matrix Partners India, emphasizing the company’s growth and potential in the IT management sector.

Steady Financial Growth’s ability to secure substantial funding is a testament to its impressive journey in the IT management services industry. The company had previously raised $14 million in funding in January of the previous year, with Addition and Tanglin Venture Partners leading the round. This substantial investment marked a significant step in the company’s expansion and development.

Early Backing from Prominent Investors

Before that, had also secured £3 million in funding from Elevation Capital and Matrix Partners, further showcasing the trust and support it has garnered from prominent investors.

A Strong Position in IT Management Services

The consistent backing from investors like Matrix Partners India reflects the confidence in’s position as a leading provider of software solutions for IT management services. The company’s ability to attract substantial funding illustrates its potential for growth and innovation in the ever-evolving landscape of IT management and technology services.’s recent funding success will likely fuel further innovation and expansion in the IT management services sector, ultimately benefiting its clients and the broader IT industry. It showcases the continued interest and investment in companies that provide essential tools and solutions for efficient IT operations and management.

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