SoftBank Plans to Offload Stake in Zomato Worth Over Rs 1,000 Crore

SoftBank, the Japanese conglomerate and major investor in numerous tech ventures, is reportedly in the process of divesting a portion of its stake in Zomato, the popular food delivery company based in India. This significant financial move, valued at over Rs 1,000 crore, has garnered attention in the business world and underscores SoftBank’s financial strategy. The deal is expected to be presented at a floor price within the range of Rs 109.4 to Rs 111.65 per share, as per a recent report.

SoftBank’s Stake in Zomato:

SoftBank, known for its substantial investments in technology companies worldwide, holds a notable stake in Zomato, which is one of India’s leading online food delivery platforms. The decision to divest part of its Zomato stake demonstrates SoftBank’s approach to its investment portfolio and highlights its strategy to optimize returns and capital allocation.

Deal Valuation:

The deal’s estimated value, exceeding Rs 1,000 crore, signifies the magnitude of the transaction and SoftBank’s considerable financial interests in the food delivery sector. Zomato’s growing prominence in India’s food delivery market has made it an attractive asset for investors, and SoftBank’s sale of shares at this scale further reflects the dynamics of the Indian tech ecosystem.

Floor Price Range:

As per the report, the deal will be offered at a floor price range of Rs 109.4 to Rs 111.65 per share. This range sets the benchmark for the transaction, providing potential buyers with a guideline for the stock purchase. The specific pricing within this range will be determined based on market conditions, investor demand, and negotiations during the sale process.

Reasons for the Divestment:

The decision to divest part of its stake in Zomato could be driven by various factors. SoftBank may be looking to optimize its portfolio and reallocate funds to other investment opportunities. Additionally, the divestment could be a strategic financial move, considering market conditions and investor sentiment.

The State of India’s Food Delivery Market:

The Indian food delivery market has seen remarkable growth in recent years, especially in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, which led to increased demand for online food delivery services. Zomato’s strong presence and continuous expansion in this sector have made it an attractive option for investors, contributing to its rising valuation.


SoftBank’s decision to offload part of its stake in Zomato, valued at over Rs 1,000 crore, is indicative of the dynamic nature of the technology investment landscape. The floor price range established for the deal will guide potential buyers in the purchase process. This move not only has implications for SoftBank’s investment strategy but also underscores the continued growth and appeal of India’s food delivery market, making it a sector of significant interest for both domestic and international investors.

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