Indian stock markets surged to unprecedented levels on Monday, reflecting investor confidence in the domestic political landscape following Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s swearing-in for a historic third term. The NSE Nifty 50 index climbed 0.34%, reaching 23,367.30, and the S&P BSE Sensex rose 0.27% to 76,904.35 by 09:22 a.m. IST, marking new all-time highs for both indices.

This surge came despite a contrasting trend in wider Asian markets, underscoring the unique optimism among Indian investors regarding the nation’s political stability and economic prospects under Modi’s leadership.

Sector Performance

Out of the 13 major sectors, 11 recorded gains. Financial stocks, which hold significant weight in the indices, increased by 0.7%. Notably, state-owned banks outperformed with a 1.9% rise, indicating strong investor faith in public sector financial institutions under the new government.

The auto sector also saw a boost, rising 0.8%, driven by positive sentiments among dealers who anticipate stability and improved market conditions following the election outcome. In contrast, the information technology sector experienced a decline of 0.8%. This drop is attributed to robust U.S. employment data that lowered expectations for an imminent rate cut, impacting IT companies that derive substantial revenue from the U.S. market.

Market Trends

The positive momentum for Indian shares has been building over the past week. The Nifty index gained 3.4% last week and achieved a record high on Friday, effectively rebounding from earlier losses sustained on Tuesday. This rally was fueled by the unexpected narrow victory of Modi’s alliance in the general elections, which reassured investors of continued policy direction and economic reforms.


The record highs in the Sensex and Nifty indexes highlight a strong vote of confidence from investors in the stability and future growth of the Indian economy under Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s third term. As the new government settles in, market participants will be closely watching policy developments and economic indicators for further cues on market direction.

Key Points:

  1. Record Highs:
    • NSE Nifty 50 index increased by 0.34% to 23,367.30.
    • S&P BSE Sensex rose by 0.27% to 76,904.35.
    • Both indexes hit all-time highs by 09:22 a.m. IST.
  2. Political Impact:
    • Indian markets surged following Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s inauguration for a third term.
    • Investor optimism is driven by expectations of political stability and continued economic reforms.
  3. Sector Performance:
    • 11 out of 13 major sectors logged gains.
    • Financial stocks increased by 0.7%, with state-owned banks rising by 1.9%.
    • Auto sector gained 0.8% due to positive post-election market sentiment.
    • Information technology sector declined by 0.8% due to strong U.S. jobs data reducing hopes for an early rate cut.
  4. Weekly Performance:
    • Nifty index added 3.4% last week.
    • Achieved a record high on Friday, recovering from Tuesday’s losses.
  5. Investor Sentiment:
    • The unexpected narrow victory of Modi’s alliance in the general elections boosted market confidence.
    • Investors are optimistic about the economic prospects under the new government.

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