Realme Smartphones Under Scrutiny for Alleged Personal Data Collection: IT Minister Promises Investigation

In a recent development, a Twitter user has raised concerns regarding Realme smartphones, accusing them of capturing users’ personal data without explicit consent. According to the user, the Enhanced Intelligent Services feature on Realme devices is allegedly enabled by default and collects sensitive information, including call logs, location data, and SMS.

The automatic activation of this feature without users’ explicit approval has led to claims of forced consent, potentially violating users’ privacy rights. The Twitter user brought attention to this issue, sparking a conversation about data privacy in the digital age.

Responding to the tweet, Rajeev Chandrasekhar, the Minister of State for IT, acknowledged the concern raised by the user. Assuring the public that the matter would be taken seriously, the minister pledged to investigate and test the allegations thoroughly.

This development has prompted a significant discussion about the responsibility of smartphone manufacturers in safeguarding user data and ensuring transparent consent practices. As concerns surrounding data privacy continue to grow, the outcome of the investigation will hold implications for both Realme and the broader smartphone industry.

It is important to note that at this stage, these are allegations made by a Twitter user, and further investigation is required to verify the claims. The government’s response demonstrates its commitment to addressing concerns related to data privacy and upholding user rights in the digital realm.

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