ONDC CEO Koshy Announces Continued Discounts Throughout the Year

The Open Network for Digital Commerce (ONDC) has revealed its plans to extend the availability of discounts for the remainder of the year. The decision comes as the platform aims to provide competitive pricing for users, differentiating itself from other food delivery platforms such as Swiggy or Zomato. CEO Koshy confirmed that the price difference between food items on ONDC and other platforms has reached as high as 30-60%.

The ONDC, an initiative of the Indian government, was launched with the goal of creating an open and interoperable digital commerce ecosystem. It seeks to provide a level playing field for both buyers and sellers by ensuring fair and transparent pricing. One of the key strategies employed by the ONDC is offering attractive discounts to consumers, enabling them to access products at reduced prices.

Currently, the majority of transactions on the ONDC platform are concentrated in the food and grocery space, accounting for around 98% of total transactions. The availability of discounts has played a significant role in attracting consumers to the platform and driving adoption. By continuing to offer discounts, the ONDC aims to sustain its momentum and further increase its user base.

The ONDC’s approach to discounting has created a price advantage for users, making it an appealing option for cost-conscious consumers. The platform has successfully negotiated lower prices with various food and grocery suppliers, allowing it to offer discounted rates to customers. These discounts have been a key driver behind the substantial price difference observed between ONDC and other popular delivery platforms.

Koshy, in a statement, emphasized the ONDC’s commitment to providing affordable options for consumers. He highlighted the importance of competitive pricing and acknowledged the positive response from users who have benefited from the discounts. By maintaining these discounts, the ONDC aims to reinforce its position as a preferred platform for affordable digital commerce transactions.

The ONDC’s focus on the food and grocery segment aligns with the significant demand observed in this sector, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. Consumers have increasingly relied on online platforms for their daily needs, including food and grocery purchases. The ONDC’s discounted pricing strategy addresses the affordability concerns of consumers and offers them a viable alternative to traditional delivery platforms.

The decision to extend the discounts throughout the year reflects the ONDC’s long-term commitment to supporting consumers and promoting inclusive digital commerce. By providing discounts, the platform seeks to create a level playing field, allowing consumers to access quality products at affordable prices. The continued availability of discounts is expected to drive greater adoption of the ONDC platform and attract more sellers to join the ecosystem.

As the ONDC gains traction and expands its user base, it is likely to witness increased participation from sellers across various sectors. The platform’s value proposition, which includes lower commissions and access to a larger consumer base, makes it an attractive option for sellers looking to reach a broader audience. The continued availability of discounts will further incentivize sellers to join the ONDC ecosystem, contributing to its overall growth and success.

The announcement of continued discounts by the ONDC CEO Koshy comes as welcome news for consumers who have embraced the platform for its affordable offerings. As the ONDC ecosystem evolves and expands beyond the food and grocery space, users can look forward to enjoying discounted prices across a wider range of products and services. The ONDC’s commitment to fair pricing and consumer welfare positions it as a key player in the digital commerce landscape, poised to shape the future of online transactions in India.

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