Meta’s Threads App Surpasses 10 Million Sign-Ups in Seven Hours, Emerging as a Potential Rival to Twitter, States Mark Zuckerberg

Meta’s Threads app, a new social media platform, has gained significant attention in its initial launch phase, amassing over 10 million sign-ups within the first seven hours. The app’s rapid growth has drawn comparisons to established platforms like Twitter, leading to speculation about its potential to attract users away from existing social media giants. However, as the app gained popularity, some users encountered difficulties when attempting to delete their Threads accounts, as it required the removal of their associated Instagram accounts as well. Frustrations expressed on Twitter about feeling “trapped” in Threads prompted Meta to address the issue and commit to finding a solution.

Significant Surge in Sign-Ups: Meta’s Threads app experienced an impressive surge in user sign-ups, with over 10 million users joining the platform within the first seven hours of its launch. This rapid adoption rate has generated considerable buzz within the social media industry, positioning Threads as a formidable rival to Twitter. The surge in sign-ups can be attributed to various factors, such as the novelty of the platform, users’ curiosity, and the influence of Mark Zuckerberg’s endorsement.

Threads as a Twitter Competitor: The exponential growth of Threads has led users and industry observers to speculate about its potential to challenge Twitter’s dominance in the social media space. With its unique features and close integration with other Meta-owned platforms like Instagram, Threads offers a distinct user experience, attracting individuals seeking an alternative to established platforms. The surge in sign-ups indicates a growing interest in diversifying social media usage and exploring new avenues for content creation and consumption.

Difficulties in Deleting Threads Accounts: As some users tried to delete their Threads accounts, they discovered an unexpected obstacle—the requirement to delete their associated Instagram accounts as well. This unexpected dependency between the two platforms posed a challenge for those who wished to remove their presence from Threads while retaining their Instagram profiles. The situation drew criticism and frustration from users who felt “trapped” in Threads and unable to sever their ties without significant consequences.

Meta’s Response and Commitment to Address the Issue: Recognizing the concerns expressed by users on Twitter and other platforms, Meta acknowledged the issue and publicly addressed the difficulties faced by individuals seeking to delete their Threads accounts. The company emphasized its commitment to resolving the problem promptly, acknowledging that the current account deletion process lacked user-friendly options and could lead to unintentional removal of Instagram accounts. Meta assured users that they were actively working on developing a more streamlined solution that would allow for independent account management on Threads and Instagram.

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