KPMG and Google Cloud are expanding their existing partnership to accelerate the adoption of generative artificial intelligence (AI) among enterprises. The companies announced that they are working together to provide practical and real-world applications of generative AI, with the aim of helping companies transform their operations and drive innovation. The expansion of their alliance comes in response to the growing demand for AI and cloud-based services.

Generative AI is a subset of AI that involves the use of algorithms to create new content or data that is similar to existing content or data. This can be used to generate new product designs, music, art, and other creative outputs. By combining KPMG’s consulting expertise and Google Cloud’s AI and machine learning capabilities, the partnership aims to help businesses across a wide range of industries adopt generative AI and unlock new opportunities for growth.

As part of the expanded alliance, KPMG will establish a dedicated Google Cloud Business Group that will focus on helping clients to develop and implement generative AI solutions. The group will also work to integrate Google Cloud’s AI and machine learning tools into KPMG’s own technology platforms, enabling clients to take advantage of these capabilities within their existing workflows.

The alliance’s initial focus will be on industries such as financial services, healthcare, and retail, where the use of AI and cloud-based services is already well-established. However, the companies said that they expect to expand into other industries over time.

The announcement follows a successful pilot program that the companies launched earlier this year, which saw KPMG and Google Cloud working together to develop a new AI-driven solution for insurance claims processing. The solution used generative AI to automate the claims process, resulting in faster and more accurate claims handling.

The expansion of the KPMG-Google Cloud alliance is the latest move by both companies to cement their positions in the rapidly growing AI market. Google Cloud has been investing heavily in AI and machine learning tools in recent years, while KPMG has been expanding its consulting capabilities to help clients integrate these technologies into their businesses.

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