Kerala EdTech Startup Joins Finland's 'Talent Boost' Project A Global Educational Frontier

Kerala EdTech Startup Joins Finland’s ‘Talent Boost’ Project A Global Educational Frontier In a significant development, a Kerala-based educational technology startup has been selected to participate in Finland’s prestigious ‘Talent Boost’ project. This initiative, aimed at attracting skilled talent and investors from diverse sectors, underscores the growing global recognition of India’s thriving EdTech industry. Let’s delve into the details of this exciting venture and the impact it promises to make on the educational landscape.

The Selection of a Kerala-Based EdTech Startup

The spotlight is on a promising educational technology startup hailing from Areekode, nestled in Kerala’s picturesque Malappuram District. This innovative venture has captured the attention of Finland’s ‘Talent Boost’ project, a testament to the startup’s commitment to revolutionizing education.

The ‘Talent Boost’ Project: Attracting Global Talent and Investment

Finland’s ‘Talent Boost’ project is a visionary initiative designed to draw skilled talent and investors from around the world, fostering collaboration across diverse sectors. By selecting a Kerala-based EdTech startup, the project underscores the global potential of India’s educational technology industry.

Reaching Students Worldwide

The Kerala-based EdTech startup has rapidly gained traction by extending its reach to more than 25,000 students spanning across 30 countries. This global footprint speaks to the startup’s commitment to providing quality education and innovative solutions to learners worldwide.

Impact on India’s EdTech Landscape

The selection of this Kerala-based EdTech startup for Finland’s ‘Talent Boost’ project is a significant milestone for India’s educational technology sector. It highlights the sector’s potential to drive innovation and collaborate on a global scale. Additionally, it showcases how Indian startups are making their mark on the world stage, providing accessible and effective education solutions to learners regardless of geographical boundaries.

Global Collaboration in Education

This collaboration between the Kerala-based EdTech startup and Finland’s ‘Talent Boost’ project promises to usher in a new era of global collaboration in education. It not only provides opportunities for knowledge exchange and innovation but also holds the potential to further elevate the quality of education accessible to students worldwide.


The selection of a Kerala-based educational technology startup for Finland’s ‘Talent Boost’ project is a testament to India’s burgeoning influence in the global EdTech landscape. As the startup joins hands with international partners, it has the opportunity to make a profound impact on education, reaching students across the globe. This exciting venture exemplifies the transformative power of technology and innovation in the realm of education, opening doors to a brighter and more interconnected future for learners everywhere.

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