Ixigo’s Remarkable Fiscal Year Growth Train Bookings Propel Revenue to Rs 501 Crore

Ixigo’s Remarkable Fiscal Year Growth Train Bookings Propel Revenue to Rs 501 Crore Ixigo, a prominent online travel agent (OTA) and the largest third-party train booking platform, has reported impressive growth in its fiscal year ending March 2023. The company’s robust performance is evident in its financial results, with revenue from operations surging to Rs 501 crore in FY23, a substantial increase from Rs 380 crore in FY22. The notable growth underscores Ixigo’s significance in the travel industry.

Key Financial Highlights:

Revenue Surge: Ixigo’s revenue from operations witnessed a remarkable ascent, reaching Rs 501 crore in the fiscal year ending March 2023. This substantial growth highlights the company’s resilience and effectiveness in navigating the challenges of the travel industry.

Train Ticket Bookings Lead: Train ticket bookings emerged as the primary revenue generator for Ixigo, constituting 61% of the total revenue. This dominance showcases Ixigo’s strength as a leading third-party train booking platform, capitalizing on the demand for efficient and user-friendly rail travel services.

Diversified Revenue Streams: While train bookings held the lion’s share, Ixigo’s revenue stream showcased diversity, with contributions from flights and buses. This diversified approach demonstrates the company’s ability to cater to the varied travel needs of its user base.

Industry Significance: Ixigo’s impressive financial performance positions it as a significant player in the online travel space. The surge in revenue affirms the company’s adaptability to market dynamics and its capacity to capitalize on evolving travel trends.

User-Friendly Platforms: The success of Ixigo can be attributed to its user-friendly platforms that simplify the booking process for trains, flights, and buses. This ease of use likely contributes to customer loyalty and attracts a growing user base.

Strategic Positioning in Train Bookings: Ixigo’s strong positioning in the third-party train booking sector showcases its strategic focus. As train travel remains a popular mode of transportation, particularly in certain regions, Ixigo’s success in this segment plays a pivotal role in its overall growth.


Ixigo’s fiscal year growth, marked by a substantial increase in revenue from operations, emphasizes the company’s resilience and strategic positioning in the competitive online travel industry. With train ticket bookings at the forefront, Ixigo’s ability to diversify its revenue streams and provide user-friendly platforms positions it as a key player, poised for further success in the evolving travel landscape.

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