India's CyberDost Initiative Takes On 'Smishing' Threat to Safeguard Digital Users

India’s CyberDost Initiative Takes On ‘Smishing’ Threat to Safeguard Digital Users In the face of the growing ‘smishing’ threat – deceptive text messages that blend SMS and phishing to trick individuals into sharing confidential information – India’s CyberDost initiative, by, has stepped up to educate and protect citizens. Here’s how they’re tackling the issue:

India’s CyberDost Initiative Takes On ‘Smishing’ Threat to Safeguard Digital Users

The ‘Smishing’ Threat Explained:

Smishing‘ is a cunning combination of SMS and phishing attacks. Perpetrators send deceptive text messages that appear legitimate, often impersonating trusted entities, to dupe individuals into revealing confidential data like credit card information or login credentials.

Government Response through CyberDost:

CyberDost, an initiative by, is at the forefront of raising awareness about ‘smishing.’ It operates on the X platform to alert users about the dangers associated with this form of cybercrime. The initiative strongly encourages caution when encountering suspicious links and sharing personal information via text messages.

CyberDost’s Innovative Approach:

To effectively combat ‘smishing,’ CyberDost employs innovative educational strategies. One of its primary tools is an animated video advisory that serves as an engaging and informative resource. This video helps educate individuals about the risks posed by ‘smishing’ and provides guidance on how to identify genuine messages, promoting overall cyber awareness among the public.

Reporting and Support:

CyberDost doesn’t stop at education; it also offers practical assistance to victims. Individuals who fall prey to online fraud or ‘smishing’ attacks are encouraged to report incidents promptly. This can be done through the dedicated helpline number, 1930, or by visiting By making reporting easy and accessible, CyberDost ensures that victims receive support and that authorities can take proactive steps to safeguard digital India.

‘smishing’ is a real and growing threat in the digital age, and India’s CyberDost initiative is taking significant steps to protect its citizens. Through education, awareness campaigns, and practical support mechanisms, CyberDost aims to create a safer digital environment for all. Their efforts underline the importance of collaboration between government agencies and the public to combat cybercrime effectively.

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