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Indian Companies Buck the Trend, Increasing AI Talent Hiring Amidst Tech Slowdown While the Indian tech sector faces a hiring slowdown, several prominent companies are actively investing in Artificial Intelligence (AI) talent acquisition. Firms like Tredence, Compunnel, HARMAN, and SAP Labs are spearheading the charge to bolster their AI capabilities. Despite the challenges posed by the global economic climate, these companies are committing to significant AI talent recruitment efforts.

Robust Hiring Plans

Tredence and Compunnel: Both Tredence and Compunnel have ambitious hiring goals, with plans to recruit more than 500 AI professionals each. This demonstrates their commitment to AI-driven growth and innovation.

HARMAN: HARMAN, a leading provider of connected technologies for automotive, consumer, and enterprise markets, is aiming to hire over 200 AI experts. This commitment reflects the company’s strategic move towards AI integration in its products and services.

SAP Labs: SAP Labs, a subsidiary of the multinational software corporation SAP, is on track to double its AI talent by 2024. The company’s expansion underscores the growing importance of AI in enterprise software solutions.

Skills in Demand

The demand for AI talent in India extends to a range of skills and expertise, including:

Machine Learning: As AI relies heavily on machine learning algorithms, professionals skilled in this area are highly sought after.

Natural Language Processing (NLP): With the increasing integration of AI in language-based applications, experts in NLP are in high demand.

Programming Languages: Skills in programming languages such as Java and Python are crucial for AI development.

Development Operations (DevOps): The integration of DevOps practices in AI development streamlines processes and is valued by recruiters.

AI Talent Shortage in India

India has been experiencing a shortage of AI talent for some time, despite being one of the largest IT talent pools globally. This talent gap has been further accentuated by the growing interest in AI-driven technologies across industries. However, India has also made significant strides in bridging this gap. The country has witnessed a remarkable 14-fold increase in skilled AI professionals in recent years, positioning it as one of the top five nations with a rapidly growing AI talent pool.


In the midst of a broader tech hiring slowdown, the commitment of companies like Tredence, Compunnel, HARMAN, and SAP Labs to bolster their AI talent is a testament to the growing significance of AI in various industries. These efforts not only demonstrate the adaptability and resilience of the Indian tech sector but also underline the importance of AI in shaping the future of businesses and technology. As India continues to nurture its AI talent pool, it is likely to play an increasingly pivotal role in the global AI landscape.

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