IIIT Una Student Muskan Agrawal Shatters Records with Rs 60 Lakh Job Offer from LinkedIn

IIIT Una Student Muskan Agrawal Shatters Records with Rs 60 Lakh Job Offer from LinkedIn Muskan Agrawal, a student at the Indian Institute of Information Technology (IIIT) Una, has created history by securing a remarkable job offer of Rs 60 lakh per annum from LinkedIn. This achievement not only establishes a new benchmark for the highest-ever salary package in the institute but also showcases Muskan’s exceptional skills and accomplishments.

Muskan’s journey to this milestone began with her noteworthy victory as the ‘top woman coder’ at TechGig Geek Goddess in 2022, where she outshone 69,000 women coders. This recognition not only highlighted her coding prowess but also set the stage for future successes.

Her active involvement in open-source projects caught the attention of industry leaders, leading to her inclusion in LinkedIn’s mentorship program. This program provided Muskan with valuable guidance from seasoned professionals in the field, contributing to her overall growth and skill development.

Joining LinkedIn in July 2023, Muskan assumed the role of a software development engineer, where she continues to showcase her talent and contribute to the company’s objectives. Her success not only reflects her individual accomplishments but also adds to IIIT Una’s impressive placement record, solidifying the institute’s reputation as a breeding ground for exceptional talent.

Muskan Agrawal’s journey from winning coding titles to securing a groundbreaking job offer is an inspiration to aspiring professionals, particularly women, in the field of technology. Her story underscores the importance of skill development, active participation in industry events, and the value of mentorship programs in shaping successful careers.

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