IIIT-NR Student Secures Record-Breaking Job Offer of Rs 85 Lakh per Annum

IIIT-NR Student Secures Record-Breaking Job Offer of Rs 85 Lakh per Annum Rashi Bagga, a BTech student at the Indian Institute of Information Technology, Nagpur (IIIT-NR), has achieved a remarkable feat by securing a record-breaking job offer of Rs 85 lakh per annum. This achievement marks the highest-ever job offer recorded in the institute’s history in 2023, showcasing the exceptional talent and capabilities of IIIT-NR students.

Rashi Bagga’s Impressive Journey

Rashi Bagga’s journey to this significant achievement is notable. She had previously gained valuable industry experience by working as a Software Development Engineer (SDE) Intern at Intuit and Amazon. Her dedication to continuous learning and skill development led her to join Atlassian as a Product Security Engineer, where she further honed her expertise.

Rashi Bagga’s remarkable job offer of Rs 85 lakh per annum underscores her proficiency and potential in the tech industry. Her achievements serve as an inspiration to aspiring technologists and exemplify the opportunities available to students with determination and a strong skill set.

IIIT-NR’s Track Record of Successful Placements

IIIT-NR has a proud history of facilitating successful placements for its students. In the previous year, Chinky Karda secured a notable job offer of Rs 57 lakh per annum, setting a high standard for placements. Similarly, Yogesh Kumar achieved a commendable offer of Rs 56 lakh per annum for a software development role.

These achievements reflect the commitment of IIIT-NR to nurturing talent and providing students with the skills and opportunities necessary to excel in the competitive tech industry.


Rashi Bagga’s record-breaking job offer of Rs 85 lakh per annum at IIIT-NR is a testament to the institute’s dedication to fostering excellence in technology education. It highlights the incredible potential of students and their ability to secure prestigious opportunities in the tech sector. Rashi Bagga’s achievement serves as an inspiration to her peers and underscores the importance of hard work, dedication, and continuous learning in achieving remarkable career milestones.

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