Hoax Bomb Threat Sparks Panic at TCS Think Campus in Bengaluru

Hoax Bomb Threat Sparks Panic at TCS Think Campus in Bengaluru Panic gripped TCS Think Campus in Bengaluru on November 14 when a hoax bomb threat was reported at the B block during the morning hours. The timely response from TCS, alerting the Parappana Agrahara police station, led to the swift deployment of police officials, a bomb disposal squad, and a dog squad to the location, heightening security measures.

Immediate Police Response:

In the face of the bomb threat, TCS acted promptly to ensure the safety of its Think Campus in Bengaluru. The Parappana Agrahara police station swiftly responded to the alert, mobilizing personnel, including a bomb disposal squad and a dog squad, to thoroughly investigate the potential threat and secure the premises.

Alleged Perpetrator Identified:

Preliminary investigations into the hoax bomb threat pointed to a former female TCS employee based in Hubli as the alleged perpetrator. Reports suggest that the motive behind the threat was rooted in personal anger, although specific details were not disclosed in the initial stages of the investigation. The identity of the accused was also kept confidential in early reports.

Ongoing Investigation:

As law enforcement delves deeper into the incident, further details about the accused’s motivations and the circumstances surrounding the hoax bomb threat are expected to emerge. The investigation will likely focus on unraveling the events leading up to the incident and understanding the extent of the alleged perpetrator’s involvement.

Security Measures and Employee Safety:

The incident underscores the importance of robust security measures and swift responses in handling potential threats at corporate campuses. TCS, in collaboration with local law enforcement, acted efficiently to neutralize the perceived danger and ensure the safety of employees and the facility.


The hoax bomb threat at TCS Think Campus in Bengaluru on November 14 has prompted a thorough investigation, revealing an alleged former employee as the perpetrator. As the case unfolds, attention will be directed toward understanding the motives behind the threat and ensuring that appropriate legal actions are taken. The incident serves as a reminder of the need for vigilance and proactive security measures to safeguard corporate spaces and the individuals within them.

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